Which iPhone will you be buying: the iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR?

Which iPhone will you be buying
Which iPhone will you be buying

The iPhone Xs is a great phone and absolutely beautiful. It achieves everything I would ever want in an iPhone.

It is not a major upgrade over the iPhone X; however, it is a major upgrade over my current iPhone, the iPhone 7. Because of the OLED screen, FaceID, the size, the camera quality, and the price, The iPhone Xs is the best phone.

The OLED screen is absolutely beautiful. FaceID is incredible. I love the larger size of the iPhone Xs without the increased body size. The camera quality of the Xs is beautiful. At $1000, it is competitively priced with products like the Galaxy Note 9.

I will probably be buying in November when the first deals bring the price down to $900 and I can deduct $300 due to the trade-in value of the iPhone 7.

I’m looking forward to trying out the iPhone Xs!


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