Apple’s flagship iPhone X might find a minor upgrade this season, but the business could expand its core design components into a line of phones — with titles that sound like confusing clothes dimensions.

What we can Expect in the Upcoming Apple Event

It’s expected to remove the physical home button and fingerprint detector on the new iPhones and replace it with swiping gestures along with the face-detecting technology found on the iPhone X. Like with that $999 5.8-inch apparatus, screens will get larger and nearer to the borders.

What we can Expect in the Upcoming Apple Event
What we can Expect in the Upcoming Apple Event

Based on reports from Bloomberg and 9to5Mac, that claims to have got leaked photos of new devices, Apple’s upgraded model will be called the iPhone XS. The apparatus could look exactly the same as its predecessor, but include internal improvements such as a faster processor and upgraded camera, as is regular with off-year”S” updates.

The company might also a bigger choice: a 6.8-inch apparatus that 9to5Mac predicts will probably be known as the iPhone XS Max, murdering the formerly used”Plus” labeling.

For budget-minded iPhone shoppers, Apple is expected to bring some of the signature X attributes to its lower cost phones, together with fresh colors. The 6.1-inch iPhone would also have the edge-to-edge display and Face ID, the face-detecting security feature that replaces a fingerprint sensor. It could also feature an OLED display.

Experts believe these features will constitute the price of the new iPhone line.

“Do not expect massively disruptive new attributes but smart pricing repositioning around an improved iPhone X, allowing Apple to increase the overall average selling price of its smartphone lineup,” said Forrester analyst Thomas Husson.

While the high-end smartphone market doesn’t have a lot of room for dramatic increases in sales volume — after all, the present iPhone X is $999 — Apple can hold on to its market share and inch up the ordinary selling price of iPhones, says Husson. An iPhone XS Plus will probably cost more.


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