Verizon safety mode, it will soon be free for all Verizon data plans: We stopped paying late fees on film rentals years back (though we also stopped paying movie rentals), so it just makes sense that we stop paying overage charges on our information programs, right? If you inquire Verizon that query any moment before September 6, the answer will be”no.” But beginning next week, the carrier will eventually, eventually stop charging you for exceeding your data limitation.

It is being performed in the kind of an improvement upon Safety Mode, a characteristic announced back in July, which makes it possible for clients to continue accessing the internet at extremely slow speeds of 128kbps after they have run out of data. The issue was that you had to cover for Safety Mode — $5 per month for the majority of plans.

Verizon safety mode

Verizon safety mode, it will soon be free for all Verizon data plans
Verizon safety mode, it will soon be free for all Verizon data plans

But do not worry, now it’s free of charge. Because you really shouldn’t be paying for 128kbps from the 21st century.

It is something which both T-Mobile and Sprint have been doing for quite some time, as well as smaller carriers like Cricket Wireless provide the reduced speed option to save you from paying additional.

In the end, browsing the internet will develop into a debilitating experience, and even using apps might get frustrating. But you would not have to worry about being billed for using more data than you were selected, and in a real emergency, you will be able to get into the web (though you are going to need to be wildly patient).

Verizon Data Plans

verizon data plans
verizon data plans

When you are not into the idea of using new slow internet near the end of the month when your data is running low, Verizon still gives you the choice of paying overage charges for standard LTE coverage. But be warned, you wish to get online, or have a great deal of cash to blow because you’ll be charged $15 for every single extra gigabyte you use.


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