What is Google Duplex: Google Surprised the entire world this week as it showed off Google Duplex, its new technologies to handle tasks over the phone. Since its reveal on stage in the Google I/O seminar, there’s been some further information concerning the A.I. which will make phone calls — hair appointments or dinner reservations — at the background, so you don’t need to.

Everything about Artificial Intelligence and Google Assistant

Throughout the opening keynote in Google I/O on Tuesday, CEO Sundar Pichai introduced the world to Google Duplex. In a demo, the A.I. managed to handle tasks over the phone in a realistic way. Though this frees the crowd in attendance and folks watching at home, the demonstration failed to cite that the legal issues of this A.I., for example, identifying itself and recording conversations.

What is Google Duplex, Everything about A.I, Artificial Intelligence, and Google Assistant

google assistant - google duplex
google assistant – google duplex

A Google spokesperson informs CNET which google duplex technology would identify itself when used for the other person on the telephone to realize they are talking to a robot. Since the technology is being developed, and the company continues to test it, Google informs The Verge that the helper will not be used in the countries that require consent to document the call from many parties.

Google plans Duplex to make life somewhat simpler for both people and businesses. Users can spend some time using Google Assistant to take care of tasks over the telephone with the Duplex technology, correctly, those people who are hearing impaired or have issues with all the local language. Businesses can use Duplex to handle appointments without delegating that task to a worker.

Google Assistant users with access to the technology will be able to make restaurant bookings, book hair salon appointment, or check a business’ vacation hours on the telephone.

Now that people possess an A.I. that can mimic human conversation, all that’s needed for the end of the world are robots that can chase people down and jump over obstacles.


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