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Have you ever thought of you being tracked by anyone else or someone knows more about you than you believe? Surprisingly, yes. In today ’s world, you are getting trapped in the web whenever you are logged in. Many controversies are going on in this topic and our favorite search engine Google captivates most of the share. But the transparency policies of Google will help us to deal with it. If you want to delete your Google account or switch to other service providers, you can download the archive as a backup option.

Google knows about you - Google Takeout
Google knows about you – Google Takeout


Even if you are not using any of the Google products directly, Google always will have an upper hand on you. Google trackers are part of over 75 percent of the top million websites. Most of the ads seen across the internet and in apps are run by Google. They record the histories like where you saw them, when you saw them, whether you clicked on it etc. And the next question is, what will Google do with the collected data? These data are used for its core monetization streams and personalization of ads.

This is important as instead of targeting random people like the cases of television, radio, etc, the google ads can reach specific users. When users are searching for an item, they can see umpteen ads not only in that session but in the later sessions also. ( irrespective of the devices used). By doing this they are transforming you to a potential buyer.


  • Searched places with the help of Google map.
  • Details of the apps that you are using
  • Rewards cards you used in Google Pay.
  • Things which were done with the help of Google Assistant.
  • History of YouTube activities
  • Almost all the content we have read on google news.
  • Ads you viewed or visited about Google’s products.
  • All your Gmail files.


Even though Google tracks every search you’ve ever made, and targets ads and search results to you based on that information. But Google itself provides provision to disable those features and delete almost all that data. Use Google’s My Activity tool to delete your data. You can delete your Google activity by time or date range. Before deleting the data, you can download a copy of it.


  • Visit the URL https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout?pli=1
  • After signing in, go for all the data you want to download like calendar mail, apps, drive etc
  • Customize your achieve in .zip (2GB) or in .tgz (50 GB)
  • Choose the delivery option-like mail/ dropbox/google drive
  • Press creative archive

Note: if the file size is huge it may require time and a speedy internet connection.


Just use its privacy check up tools or just by visiting the ‘activity page’ and turning everything to off mode, Google automatically stops checking the data about you. This is pretty important in modern times where speculative eyes are watching us from every nook and corner of the world.

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