Walking Dead Josh McDermitt quits social media as people sending death threats: 

Josh McDermitt has discontinued social media because of an onslaught of death risks.

“The Walking Dead” star told fans and cyberbullies alike not to confuse his actual life identity with the character, Eugene; he plays on television.

Josh McDermitt social media
Josh McDermitt social media

The 38-year-old star shared a psychological Facebook Live video on May 2nd, explaining that he was getting rid of his social networking reports.

In the video, which was captured using a fan,

” he told viewers,”Do not send me death threats… I’m just sick of it. You can hate Eugene; I don’t care. You can think anything you want, but when you start saying you hope I perish, I do not know whether you’re speaking about Josh or Eugene.”

His personality changed drastically upon his return to the show, and some fans were displeased.

Josh McDermitt social media

He advised his critics to”stop complaining about everything on the Internet. Just spend some time with your loved ones or friends or loved ones. Only get off the internet.”

Josh McDermitt
Josh McDermitt

Some enthusiasts backed McDermitt.

I found Eugene’s storyline compelling & wished to see how it performed. I hope Josh does not ask to be written off within this mess.”

He deleted his confirmed profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram nevertheless there are still a ton of fan page profiles dedicated to him that are run by his followers.

Season 8 of “The Walking Dead” will premiere in October.


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