Tesla started delivering its electric cars to the customers. Finally, it successfully rolled out the people enthusiastically awaited Model 3 cars into the market. The primary intention of the Tesla behind this car is to disrupt the world habituated pollution-spewing fossil fuel powered automobiles.

Tesla Successfully Delivered its Tesla Model 3 Vehicles to the Early Buyers:

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Tesla Model 3 Car
Tesla Model 3 Car

The Tesla plant present in Fremont, California launched the initial batch of the Model 3 cars on July 29th, 2017. It supplied their cars mainly for the employees of their company.

Elon Musk who is the Tesla founder said that it is the great day for the enterprise. Their aim is to invent the terrific electric car in a way that everyone can buy it. In that occasion, Musk delivered the first batch to their owners.

He stated that it is the best car which is either electric or gasoline. The Model 3 looks similar to the Model S. However; the new electric ride is smaller than the simpler design.

2017 Tesla Model 3:

Manufacturers developed the vehicle’s battery in a way that it can go continuously up to 215 miles nearly 345 kilometres before recharging it. We can get the longer range battery with more money.

Musk stated that the Tesla earning calls created the vexation on the assembly line.

Manufacturers designed Model 3 by keeping mass production in mind. They wanted to reduce the price and to crank cars out fastly.

Tesla Model 3 Vehicles is the ‘Crucial Step’ for Tesla to reshape its Future Sales:

More than a half-million people paid the deposits and waiting for the Model 3 cars. The people have to wait till 2018. Musk stated that the demand is not a challenge for them. They received more orders from the US.

Customers had a big question in their mind whether the Tesla is going to increase the production to meet the demand. Tesla is about to rival with others in the electric vehicle market.

The Model 3 is completely electric and possesses onboard computers to handle the driving tasks. Tesla states that the Model 3 car arrival is the essential step for them as it will speed up the transition to renewable energy.

Tesla started its work from 2003. Musk said a plan to them to use the money which they will get from electric vehicles to create the more affordable offering. He suggested them to make the technology to take the new automotive norm.

Green Energy powers the cars. Musk is running the solar energy firm SolarCity. It will build the rechargeable batteries to deliver the power to homes as well as cars.

2017 Telsa Model S and Model X Vehicles:

How much does a Tesla Model S cost

They counted the Model S and Model X cars which went for sales during the first half of this year. They estimated the number as 47,000 to 50,000. With the arrival of Model 3, automobile makers had a hope that it will start cranking out hundreds of thousands of cars in a year.

Telsa Model 3’s Pre-Orders: Model 3 Release Date

The pre-orders made the Tesla to become the biggest US car company relating to the market capitalisation. General Motors and Ford makes millions of cars per year, and the Tesla has to make profits still.

As Tesla is getting more demand regarding the Model 3 vehicles, GM temporarily stopped production of the Bolt electric car.

Analyst Report:

As per the analysts say, Tesla will reshape its future of the auto industry with its Tesla Model 3 cars.

Gene Munster who is the analyst says that Tesla will do better in the auto sector while the Apple is an expert in the smartphones and electronics.

He stated that they are comparing the launch of Model 3 with Apple iPhone. Munster also provided us with the hint that it will soon shift its path towards the mobile computing.

He said the Tesla would play the major role in ‘paradigm shifts.’ It wants to move the electric towards the autonomous vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 Car Price: How much are Teslas

How much do Teslas cost:

Automobile makers priced it at $35,000 which is equal to Rs. 22,43,000. They said that they would provide 100 of cars in August and 1,500 or more in September.

Tesla Hatchback:

Tesla’s goal is to make 5,000 units of Model 3 per week in this year. During 2018, they fixed to produce the 10,000 units.

It successfully sold the S and X model electric cars on the market. They priced it at $80,000, and those cars include the wealthy wheels.

Here is the information regarding the exterior and interior measurements, car’s performance, and cabin comforts.

The Configuration for the new EV:

  • 220 miles of range
  • 130 miles of range recouped through 30 minutes of charging with Supercharger
  • With home 240V, 32A charger, it can go up to 30 miles of range per hour
  • 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds
  • 130 mph top speed

We can get the upgrade version to the long-range battery version with $9,000. If we want this, then the total cost of the car is around $44,000. It will boost the specifications of the car like below:

  • 310 miles of range
  • 170 miles of range achieved in just 30 minutes of charging through Supercharger
  • With 240V, 40A charger this car will go 37 miles of charging per hour at home
  • 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds
  • 140 mph top speed

Infotainment: Tesla Model 3 interior

Tesla Model 3 Car
Tesla Model 3 Car

Both the cars have the same interior. It has the 15-inch touchscreen display which provides access to the virtual instrument panel, media & climate controls.

 Convenience Features:
  • Onboard navigation
  • Wi-Fi and LTE connection
  • Keyless entry through the Tesla app
  • Voice controls
  • Backup camera
  • Rear seats which are foldable 60/40
  • Rear-view mirror which will auto dims during the little light having situations
  • Dual zone climate control
  • Front console with two USB ports

Premium Upgrade Package for $5,000:

  • Improved Seating and contains better cabin materials
  • Two rear USB ports
  • We can adjust the front seats using power, steering column and side mirrors
  • Subwoofer & audio system
  • Modified Glass Surface
  • Power folding heated side mirrors will dim automatically
  • Docking Ports which we can use for two smartphones
  • LED lights

Automobile makers placed all the sensors which will offer us the Enhanced Autopilot. The cost of this package is about $5,000. It features the speed matching, lane keeping, automatic path switching & self-park. They made the hardware available to the users who will offer the potential for having the full-self driving. The price of this hardware is $3,000. This vehicle contains the seven cameras, forward radar and twelve ultrasonic sensors.

Availability: Tesla Model 3 Colors

Tesla made the upgrades available to the users in basic black, metallic silver, deep blue and in midnight silver, white & red. Manufacturers priced each upgrade at $1,000. They can also update the 18-inch standard wheels to 19-inch sports variety, and it costs around $1,500.

The price of fully upgraded Model 3 car:

Auto makers priced this car at $59,500. They say it is the reasonable deal for them after considering the gas fuel burning vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 Waiting List:

The company decided to ship this car for already booked customers within the next three months.

Tesla Model 3 Delivery Date:

If you are interested in buying this car, book the reservation of this car. Manufacturers extended the line of reservation to 2019. Even, they may exceed the time limit.


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