Tesla 3 custom design: Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and his group made the Model 3 to have a broad appeal in the midsize sedan cars market, but the designer appears to favour a couple more unconventional layout accents for his Model 3.

Some facets of the Model 3 design, like the minimalist inside and front fascia lip, are more controversial, but the layout has been the most praised overall.

It is a good thing that people find the automobile beautiful since then they are going to be seen a lot of them if Tesla Model 3 reaches its own manufacturing goals.

Tesla 3 custom design

The most obvious modification is that the removal of chrome attributes on the car or truck.

I’m personally a big fan of that look and that I think that it’s mainly great about the Model 3 with the door handles now wholly melting into the design.

The chrome of the door handles has been replaced with the same color as the car, however the chrome around the windows was rather made black or dark grey and it matches the brand new wheels, which appears to be the newest 20″ version of Tesla’s Model 3 Sports Wheels — though they’re not officially available in that colour.

tesla 3 custom design
tesla 3 custom design

Perhaps it’s likely to be an option soon?

He had the windows tinted with a darker tint, which fits very nicely with the rest of the previously mentioned alterations.

Another subtle change Design is the removal of the car’s  Tesla ‘T’ emblem in the back, which was replaced by the word ‘Tesla’ using each letter spread out — not unlike the appearance of the original Roadster.

I’ve never been a fan of the expression of a spoiler onto a four-door sedan. I’ve got a very similar one on my Model S as it’s a Signature Performance variant, but I could do without it.

But in this scenario, I think it certainly looks better than on the Model S likely due to the shorter back.

What do you think? Does this give you a few tips on your car? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and tell us if you would want Tesla to offer a few of those modifications as options.


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