After Facebook F8 Developers Conference Google chrome is limiting Cookies Policy?

Most browsers currently differentiate themselves with an increased focus on user privacy, ranging from simple cookie formulas to blocking any resources that may remotely be used to identify you. In case a report from The Wall Street Journal is to be considered, Chrome may implement its own tracking blocker — one which wouldn’t affect all … Read more

Google I/O 2019 What is ahead ?

Google I/O. The yearly Developer conference, which starts the morning of May 7, gives Google three days to show its vision for the future–and also convince the coders in the viewer to help build it. Google I/O 2019 expectations and our View These are some of the Areas we Focussed to discuss Bear in Mind, … Read more

India awaits the launch of Redmi Note 7

Redmi Lovers This Post is Especially For you Xioami, a Chinese multinational company headquartered in Beijing has been keen in entering the Indian Market with its new innovations, for the Indian consumers are awestruck with the smartphone technologies the giant offers. Xiaomi launch date in India: Xiomi is all focused to launch its recent pick, … Read more