Get Ready for the Second Season of ‘The End Of The F**king World’

Netflix is excellent, right? Despite the fact that they are planning to introduce ads into the middle of the binge-watching marathons, it turns out that a number of the adverts might be for things that we would actually see.

Yes, it has been officially confirmed that the show which some said shouldn’t return, and others stated would not return, is to return.

They are keeping much of the first team together for their next stint. Creator Charlie Covell is returning to write season two, and it will continue to follow the story in the original comic series by Charles Forsman.

Whilst we are not sure who one of the cast will be back, we can surmise that James, played with Alex Lawther, and Alyssa, who was played by Jessica Barden, will probably return. Outside of that, we’re from the dark.

The show will be aired on Channel 4 in the united kingdom, whereas globally it will premiere on Netflix.

The End Of The Fking World
The End Of The Fking World

“The two embark on a road trip to find a much better life and escape the impending doom of adulthood. As their chaotic journey unfolds, it becomes evident that James and Alyssa have crossed a line and don’t have any choice except to take it as much as they could…”

Oddly enough, despite being wildly successful and – obviously – renewed for another season, it nearly did not make the cut whatsoever.

Even the men and women that put it out to Netflix were surprised that it was such a success.

Netflix’s chief content creation, Ted Sarandos, said:”It was astonishing how hot it had been for us,


“It didn’t do great on preexisting TV in the united kingdom, and we premiered it anywhere and it was hugely popular in every country.”

The announcement was made on Twitter, where The End of the Fucking World Twitter account posted a video, along with a caption of”we will be ***ing back”


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