RAIN BOMB that smashes severe drought in Australia:
An intense burst of rain is set to drench parts of the country this weekend – bringing a month’s worth of rainfall in just two days.
Australia Rain bOMB DRought
Australia Rain bOMB DRought
New South Wales is called to experience downpours out of Friday as a method makes its way across Australia.
Parts of drought-stricken NSW have an up to 90 per chance of rainfall, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.
The machine will make its way across the country from Western Australia later this week.
It’s expected to hit on South Australia before turning across NSW and Queensland.
Almost 50mm of rain is expected to drop in Sydney from Friday along with the rainy weather will continue into the weekend.
Tamworth and surrounding areas will have between a 75 and 90 percent chance of rain as the system passes over NSW.
As much as 80mm rain could fall in northern areas of the state.

50 Years Highest Drought Scene in Australia

Sydney has obtained just 1.4mm of rainfall in the whole month of August, with average rainfall for the month being 55mm.
The rain comes after a cold start to the week to the east coast, with elements of New South Wales falling to as low as -2.2C in the northwest.
The Victorian capital will probably be dry, but temperatures are expected to remain cold.
Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe told news.com.au the machine would cause a large area of rain’.
drought australia
drought Australia
‘A front is progressing across southern parts of WA, and as that goes into South Australia, a low-pressure system developing will move up and into inland areas,’ he explained.
‘Moving with it’s a fair bit of cold upper air that will lead to thunderstorms.’
The rain is predicted to increase when the machine reaches the east shore.
‘As we move into Friday, this system will encounter moisture in the east so rain can grow along the shore and Tablelands.’


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