Problem with wireless adapter or access point – How to fix Windows 8.1 Wi-Fi issue – 

If you’re a PC user who has upgraded to Windows 8.1 recently, you might have seen a mistake when connected to your wireless network.

The issue arises when the link is described as either “Limited” or “No Internet Access” under the network settings icon listed on the taskbar.

Fortunately, troubleshooting this error is a comparatively simple undertaking, assuming the challenge is software-related rather than because of a faulty card.

Problem with wireless adapter or access point

If you are personally encountering an issue similar to this with your Internet connection on Windows 8.1, there’s no need to worry. With the help of this guide, we’ll get you back on the web very quickly!

Problem with wireless adapter or access point
Problem with wireless adapter or access point

Reset the network adapter

It’s suggested that before trying anything else, you’ll want to reset your system adapter, the physical component inside your computer that permits wireless connectivity using a network.

To reset the adapter, navigate with your cursor into the top right-hand corner of your display, move the mouse down, and select Search from the charms menu.

Thus, a control panel will open up, and you are going to come face to face with quite a few choices.

The only one you’ll need to worry about, however, will be Change adapter settings on the left side of the display.

Click on that to find yourself redirected to a listing of Internet connections, among which should signal a Wi-Fi network.

Following that, you’ll want to choose Enable to completely reset the wireless adapter.

After resetting the adapter, your next step is to verify the success of this procedure.

The simplest way to achieve this is to open a new window in any given browser, like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and type in the internet address of any website you regular.

For me, I entered, which directed me into a simple search display, but practically anything will suffice.

If the browser fails to exhibit the desired webpage, return to the Network Connections window shown above and click on the icon denoting your wireless adapter once again.

This time, pick Diagnose.

This may trigger a diagnostic that will try to identify the reason for the network disturbance.

In the probable event that Windows Network Diagnostics is unable to ascertain the root of the issue, you may encounter a screen which reads: Troubleshooting couldn’t identify the problem.

It is possible to try exploring other options which may be helpful.

By other possibilities, it is referring to the alternative routes that have been conveniently listed for you under the subheading below.

Rollback the driver update

If Tracking your network adapter doesn’t solve the problem, overwriting the drivers installed by Microsoft with the original Producers walkers probably will.

In cases like this, move your cursor into the upper right-hand corner of this screen, drag it, and select Search again.

This time you are going to want to hunt for Device Manager.

Type this in and a new window will start up. In the Device Supervisor window, double-click Network adapters to prompt a drop-down menu.

From that point, right-click the network adapter that you are having difficulty with and select Update Driver Software.

Afterward, still another window will pop up asking how you wish to search for driver program.

Do not opt to look for it mechanically. Preferably, select Browse my personal computer for driver program, followed by allowing me to pick from a listing of device drivers on my pc.

This should result in a list of 2 options: 1) a driver from the manufacturer of the network adapter, such as Intel or Qualcomm Atheros and 2) a driver from Microsoft.

In the case below, there are just two Manufacturers Drivers listed, but that shouldn’t be the case for you unless you have chosen to manually install additional drivers at any stage in your computing career.

Moving forward, you’ll want to select the Manufacturers Driver, depicted below as the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230.

The driver software will be set up succeeded by a confirmation message.

After completing the installation, you’ll want to restart your computer and ensure that the issue was solved.

If not, there’s yet another technique to pursue.

Disable TCP configurations in command prompt

Now this solution may seem a little more complicated, but like other aforementioned methods provided above, it’s quite simple.

First, you’re going to want to open Control Prompt with administrative privileges.

To do so, move your cursor to the top right-hand corner of this display, drag it, and select Search.

This time you’ll want to type Control Prompt in the search bar and click on the first result. Then pick Run as secretary.

User Account Control will then ask about making changes to your computer. You’ll want to react by stating Yes.

Command Prompt will greet you in a new Window.

Now, you’ll be required to type in a couple of commands, pressing the enter key after each one.

The commands are as follows:

  • int TCP set heuristics disabled
  • Int TCP set global autotuninlevel=disabled
  • netsch  int TCP set global rss=enabled

The outcome should look exactly like the image I have provided above.

To confirm that the TCP configurations have been disabled, form the command netsh int TCP show global and hit enter again.

The window should appear just as mine did in the screenshot below.

Following the TCP settings have been verified, you need to restart your computer.

It’s no use! — Remaining solutions

If none of those solutions worked in your favor, both Microsoft and Dell have allocated funds specifically to interrupted Wi-Fi links encountered with Windows 8.1 users.

Additionally, there are some internet forums, like the official Microsoft Community, a community dedicated entirely to helping PC users just like you with troubleshooting technical difficulties.

In case you have any questions regarding the information I have provided in this article, I invite you to render all related inquiries in the remarks section below.

I will do my best to find an answer even if I do not have the solution immediately at my disposal.


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