Harmonics Klip II Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone: Portronics is the homegrown company, and it unveiled the Bluetooth 4.1 headset which is light in weight. For listening to the dual-purpose music, we can use this headset with clip in India. Manufacturers named it as the ‘Harmonics Klip II’, and it delivers the superior sound quality. It has the CVC noise cancellation technology.

Features of Harmonics Klip II Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone

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Manufacturers made the retractable Bluetooth headphone with a leatherette finish which is fine, and it results in having a stylish look.

It will enter the market with strong retractable wires and possesses the extremely comfortable ear buds. While answering the call or when listening to the music, we can simply pull it out and insert it into the ears through the tethered ear bud.

After the completion of the call or hearing music, we have to press on the push-button which is on the headset. It will auto-retract the ear bud directly to the headset.

Bluetooth V4.1 Connectivity:

It has the Bluetooth V4.1 connectivity and we can couple it with the two phones at the same time. It will help us to receive the calls from any of the phones. We can easily control the volume levels without operating the phone which we are getting from the Bluetooth handsets.

CSR high technology chip:

The high tech CSR chip powers this headphone. It will make the voice prompting on the caller’s phone number. While moving, this chip will clean up the noise which we get from the phone calls.

Voice Calling Feature:

Customers can easily do the dial-out by just clicking the button and by speaking the name. It is very compatible with all the Bluetooth enabled phones. The Bluetooth enable phones are Android smart phones and iPhones.

The Battery of the Harmonics Klip II:

A 100mAh battery is present in this headset. It will deliver the talk time of about 6 hours. We can hear the music continuously up to 7 hours using the 120 hours of standby time. Within less than 2 hours, this headset will be charged completely. It also has the Li-Polymer battery which is rechargeable. Harmonics Klip II operating range is about 10 meters.


We can avail these headphones in Black colour. Customers can buy it through the online and offline stores.

The price of Harmonics Klip II Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone:

Finally, the company launched it with the price tag of about Rs 1,999.


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