Oneplus 6T to be Launched in October will be Higher Price than Oneplus6: 

The OnePlus 6 was recently released in India in addition to global markets, and while it’s been a considerable success, rumor mill around the OnePlus 6T are already picking up the pace with the upgrade being expected to be launched in October this year. On the other hand, considering launch the OnePlus One, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been making it’s latest offering more expensive and also the OnePlus 6T will not be an exception for this.

Oneplus 6T to be Launched in the United States

The OnePlus 6 was first revealed in May 2018, and at the recent past, the smartphone manufacturer has launched an upgrade in just a five-month gap along with also the accounts on OnePlus 6T revealing to be held in October doesn’t seem surprising. Furthermore, a report by CNET has implied that the OnePlus 6T is likely to cost approximately $550 (Rs. 38,400 almost) for the base version and reportedly be backed by T-Mobile, a significant carrier in America.

Oneplus 6T coming to America

oneplus 6t
oneplus 6t

For the unknown, the vast majority of smartphone users in the US are on cellular carriers, and it’s proven relatively hard for Chinese smartphone makers to get all the needed approval to obtain their smartphones compatible with leading carriers. On the flip side, OnePlus has reportedly signed a new deal with T-Mobile for its OnePlus 6T, which might make it the first smartphone from Chinese to be marketed using a network operator based in the US.


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