OnePlus 2 denied of Software Updates for oneplus 2 Users

OnePlus 2 denied of software Updates
OnePlus 2 denied of software Updates

OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer seems like it is compromising extensively with its current users to impress the future one. What has come now isn’t anything impressive. If you are a OnePlus 2 user, this is your time to ditch it before the hackers play on you.

OnePlus – Never Settle:

The tagline of OnePlus is “Never Settle.” But the company seems to be settling with all its efforts in disowning its old devices. A few days back, there came the announcement for the next flagship device of OnePlus – the OnePlus 5. The expectation towards OnePlus 5 is high. But by some senses, that seems to give the company, the privilege to disown its existing customers.

A week back, OnePlus announced that the production of OnePlus 3T, the latest OnePlus flagship device has been stopped. It is to be noted that the device was launched only by the mid of last November. I even know people who were saving up to purchase the best seller – OnePlus 3T. The production was stopped and OnePlus announced that they are already short of devices. The sale of OnePlus 3T will happen only until the end of 2017. This devastated the fans of the device. But then it was justified that for a company as small as OnePlus, production of two devices should be critical. Therefore to make the process of OnePlus 5 easier, they are stopping the production of OnePlus 3T. However, security patches and updates for OnePlus 3T will keep rolling out. Well, unacceptable, still a kind of OK.

As if this isn’t enough, here coming new information. OnePlus 2 users, forget your updates. There will be no more updates for OnePlus 2. This is like an explosion of the OnePlus 2 users who were eagerly waiting for the Android 7.0 Nougat update to roll out.

OnePlus 2:

OnePlus 2 isn’t such an old phone. It was first released on July 25, 2015. It is not even two years and OnePlus disowns the device. For a start up like Oneplus, yes the production of two devices simultaneously could be a problem. Now, it turns out that OnePlus doesn’t have the enough manpower to roll out updates too.

OnePlus said, “Your time and effort in reaching out to us. Your concern is of utmost importance, and I will be helping you out with your ticket. As much as we would like to give the latest update on the OnePlus 2, we’ve discontinued updates for dated devices. But we will continue to support the limited warranty for current users and provide updates and support the best way we can even for OnePlus 2 users.”

Oneplus has mentioned OnePlus 2 as a dated device which means, there will be minimum support until your warranty expires. Once done, you are no one to OnePlus.

It is acceptable that new devices and new releases are important for a start-up to keep its fans entertained. But, there is minimum hope on OnePlus now. The users of OnePlus will not forget the software negligence that is happening just within 22 months of a smartphone’s launch.

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