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It would be hard.  Sites acquire most of their traffic from the following channels: direct, referral, search, social and paid.

make money online
make money online

Make Money Online (News Websites)

Let’s look at each these channels and see how a news aggregator would fare:

Direct Traffic

Starting out, most sites won’t have a ton of direct traffic.  A direct visitor would access a site from a browser bookmark or by typing the url into a web browser.  This happens once a visitor becomes a regular user of a site.  

Referral Traffic

Another source of traffic for Web sites are referrals. Sites which create content or have lots of buzz tend to generate a decent amount of referral traffic.  In the case of a news aggregator, this is unlikely.  If the aggregator site is based on technology that’s worthy of press coverage or has received funding from prominent investors, then it’s possible. 

Search Traffic – Organic Traffic

 A few years ago Google tweaked its algorithms to penalize duplicate content.  Put another way, Google won’t send traffic to an aggregator.  Why would it when it could send users directly to the sites being aggregated?

Social Traffic – Social Media traffic – Social media engagements

Users of social services tend to share interesting content such as news articles and videos.  A news article could be one of these pieces of content, but in this case, users would share the news content itself, not a link to the aggregator.

Paid Traffic

Driving traffic to a site through advertising tends to work well for products and services that have a high price tag associated with it.  Credit card companies and Web hosting companies can make the numbers work because of the dollar value of the goods/services being sold.  For ad-driven businesses, it’s very difficult to make this model work.  You need would cheap traffic pointing to premium content.

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it’s highly unlikely to make a business such as this work.

How do i Get moentize and get money from Online

Pretty good income off advertisements sponsors and commercials. Exposure gives you a lot of opportunities to make money. I am going to give you pretty decent advice.

Think LONG-TERM. Hustle. Learn. Make Money Online

Pretty good income off advertisements sponsors and commercials. Exposure gives you a lot of opportunities to make money. I am going to give you pretty decent advice.

Think LONG-TERM. Hustle. Make Money Online.

Having a job is a great way to start making some cash flow, but you should use it to actually start a business. A job isn’t scalable.

You only have 24 hours in a day, and you’re not even going to work more than 12 hours in a day.

Having access to the internet is all you need, you can see that attention is now the new way to becoming successful.

The more exposure your brand gets (whether that is from posts, social media, websites, etc) the more opportunities you have to monetize off your traffic.

When you have a lot of people’s attention, and you create a product, you’re likely to make a sale. THIS IS SCALABLE.

Anything you put out on the internet compounds, continually getting more and more traffic that gives you a chance to make a sale.

With that being said it’s pretty hard to get traffic quickly, but if you’ve heard of Amazon FBA you can sell products on there website and basically steal their traffic for your own benefit.

This is my main source of income, its online and for the amount of effort I put in, it’s pretty easy. (nothing is get rich quick, it does require work) but in terms of every way to make money online, this is probably the fastest and easiest to generate full time income in my opinion.

To brief it to you without overwhelming you with information, what I do is source products from China in bulk (DIRT CHEAP) lets say I buy 200 units for the price of $1, and I send it to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and I list those products for $15, I make a $10 Profit Per Unit I sell.

I have a lot of days where I make $150 a day, I sometimes wake up in the morning with 50$ profit, etc. This is by far right now the best trend, I’ve searched a lot of different ways of making money, while most of them are bullshit, cash apps, etc.

Affiliate Marketing works, but as I said before, you need traffic and that’s tough to get for an average person.

The most underrated thing and the BEST part to me is; that hard earned traffic is given to you for FREE, people already know about Amazon, but people don’t know about your website/blog/etc.

There’s easier ways to get more exposure with your product. You can rank your product on page 1 pretty easy and doing so will make your product viewed by hundreds of thousands of purchase ready customers.

I am 20 years old and I’m pulling it off, I’m sure you can do this too. If you’re interested I show how to start an Amazon business, and what I personally do to grow it. At the end of my first video, I have a template you guys can use to pick the right product and contact suppliers smoothly, tons of free advice on my channel on growing your business. Amazon isn’t a gimmick, get started now and don’t wait! it’s not saturated. With that being said this takes work, so if you’re willing to work at this, then this WILL replace a full-time income. Hopefully, I helped. (Source: Quora)

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