Jio vs Idea vs Vodafone vs Airtel: With the arrival of the Reliance Jio, the competition has increased more in the Indian telecom service. It forced other telecom operators to provide the more affordable offers on the prepaid and postpaid plans. Due to this, the customers are enjoying the cheapest data offers and call rates across the world.

Jio vs Idea vs Vodafone vs Airtel: Prepaid and Postpaid Plans

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After the entry of the 4G service in India, the users are looking for the operator services which are going to offer massive data and tariffs which will provide the huge daily limits. So let us have a look at all the prepaid and postpaid plans which are providing 1GB of 4G data. Here is the complete information regarding the tariffs that provide the 1GB of 4G data per day for the month.

1. Reliance Jio

The central network in this rival is Reliance Jio. Mukesh Ambani is the industrialist to it. He launched Jio during the last year and achieved great success through the mobile data offers. Here is the complete information regarding the presently available packs which are providing 1GB of 4G data per day.

Prepaid: Jio vs Idea vs Vodafone vs Airtel

1.1 RC 309 with 49 days validity

With RC 309 users can enjoy the 4G data which is unlimited with a high-speed limit of about 1GB data per day. Later, this offer will provide us 64kbps with the unlimited usage. We can also get the unlimited local and STD calls. People can also get the roaming calls from all the national operators. Clients can also access the Jio apps with this plan. The validity of this tariff is 49 days.

Customers can also enjoy the same benefits with RC 399, and its validity is up to 70 days. The price of the plan will increase if we look for more validity. With RC 459 we can get 84 days validity, and with RC 499 we can enjoy 91 days validity.

1.2 Postpaid

With RC 309 we can get 1GB of 4G data. Under this plan, we can get the unlimited 1GB of 4G data with unlimited messages. Jio will also give the unlimited voice calls which are both local and STD roaming calls with all the national operators. We can also avail the Jio apps. It will follow the standard billing cycle.

2. Bharti Airtel

Airtel ranked first in the survey which the analysers have done regarding the fastest 4G speeds provider. It is the dominant player in the earlier days before the entry the Jio. Airtel had more subscriber base. Here is the complete information regarding Airtel’s current packs.

Prepaid: Jio vs Idea vs Vodafone vs Airtel

2.1 RC 399 with 56 days validity

With Rs 399 we can get the 1GB of 4G data per day. Airtel network made this pack valid up to 56 days. Under this tariff, we can enjoy the unlimited voice calls both in local and STD. Customers can also have the free access to the roaming services with all the national services. Airtel set the limit to the free calls as 250 for a day and overall 1,000 for a week. This offer also provides 100 free messages in a day.

In addition to this, we can also have many other offers like RC 448 pack. This plan is valid up to 70 days. In the new RC 509 pack, we can get the 84 days of validity.

3. Vodafone

It also provides the 4G offerings to its customers. Here are the Vodafone tariff plans which will supply 1GB of 4G data in a day.

Prepaid: Jio vs Idea vs Vodafone vs Airtel

3.1 RC 458 with 70 days validity

With RC 458, we can enjoy 1GB of 4G data and 100 SMS for a day. We can also do free roaming calls to all the local and STD calls and all the telecom networks. Vodafone also set a limit to the free calls. The subscribers can do free 250 minutes of calls in a day, and per week we can enjoy 1,000 minutes. It is valid up to 70 days.

3.2 RC 509 with 84 days validity

The only difference between the RC 509 and RC 458 is the validity. We can enjoy this RC 509 for 84 days.

4. Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular is another extended network in India. It also had the similar plans like the Airtel, Vodafone and Jio. Here are the details regarding its packs.

Prepaid: Jio vs Idea vs Vodafone vs Airtel

4.1 RC 309

It will give us 1GB of 4G data for a day. The people who are in circles regarding the Idea 4G coverage can enjoy this pack. It will provide the benefits like unlimited STD and local calls, roaming calls, free 100 SMS for a day. Customers who will buy this plan through the official website or the app can enjoy the extra 1GB data within the valid period.

4.2 RC 398 and RC 509

RC 398 pack will have the same benefits with 70 days validity while the RC 509 pack will give the 84 days validity.

4.3 The limitation to the free calls

Idea network kept the limitation of about 250 minutes per day. We can avail 1,000 minutes of the overall week. If we cross this limit, the network will cost the call at one paise per second. Using this plan, we cannot call more than 100 unique numbers in a week. If we do not follow this, they will charge one paise per second.

4.4 RC 197 with 14 days validity

This pack will also provide the 1GB of 4G data per day. As per the Idea Cellular’s official website, only the subscribers belong to the Kerala circle can avail this pack.


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