Nearly 300 Indian Students Arrested in United States

Indians pay extreme attention to their studies in foreign Universities and getting a UG or masters in a foreign university is a dream of every Indian Household. But students seem to take less interest in evaluating the credibility of the universities they enroll in and end up in a series of trouble following it.

Recently about 129 students from India were arrested in the United States on the claim that they want to falsely maintain their student status and remain in the  United States.

Indian Students False Enrollment in Fake University

Indian Students are been arrested in the United States for falsely enrolling themselves in a fake University.

American authorities are calling this action a ‘pay to stay’ scam in the American scheme. Of the 130 students who are arrested, 129 are from India and the officials held them accountable for enrolling in these universities knowingly so as to remain in the United States.

The Indian Embassy under the influence of external affairs minister, Ms.Sushma Swaraj is taking all measures to relieve the students from this scam.

Indian Students Arrested in USA
Indian Students Arrested in USA

The Immigration attorneys come for the students rescue statin that they are not aware of the operating status of these universities and that the authorities are troubling them to trap them for their own profits.

The students have been arrested on the charges of immigration violations after the United States Department of Homeland security conducted a secret operation to expose immigration fraud at the University of Detroit’s Farmington Hills.

Indian Students Arrested in USA

The students have been arrested only on civil immigration charges and are placed in removal proceedings.

The claim from the federal prosecutors is that the students are much aware of the illegitimate operations of the University.

But an immigration attorney from Atlanta., Mr.Ravi Mannan claims that the fake university tackled these students promising credits for their degree program.

He also claims that the university allowed these students to work while they are enrolled as is it common with any authorized university program operating through F- 1 Type Visa.

Another claim from the attorney is that some Indian  Students enrolled with the University of Farmington after realizing that their intended programs have lost accreditation in the US after their immigration. (Students arrested on fake visa scam)

The Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi is taking top priority action in the issue and has sorted to gain more details regarding the issue through the Indian Embassy in Washington, US.

They have also mobilized the Indian organizations in the country to extend all support to the affected students. The Indian embassy in the United States has also opened an 24/7 hotline to assist the affected Indians and has appointed nodal officers to assist the students under distress. The hotline numbers – (+1) 202-322-1190 and (+1) 202-340-2590 would be manned by senior officials round the clock and the affected students and their family members could contact the embassy on the email address cons3.washington@mea.gov.in.

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