Google Project Fi – Google announced that its Project Fi will now cover 170 countries including India. To these 170 nations covered by Project Fi, the system provides the same advantages like free texts and information, says from Fi Google. For countries without information coverage, users can join Wi-Fi for texting and call.

project fi
project fi

Project FI – WEBSITE –

Project Fi is a mobile virtual Operator Network Owned by Google, supplying phone, messaging and data services. It uses Wi-Fi and cellular networks belonging to Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Mobile and Three.

Project Fi switches between networks depending on signal strength and speed. It automatically links to Wi-Fi hotspots with data encryption via an automated VPN, and as a result, telephone calls seamlessly transition between Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

The US-only service has been started on 22 April 2015, for the Nexus 6 and also support for additional devices, such as the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, premiered in 2016.

Interestingly TechCrunch on Project Fi when Project Fi user is travelling, Google will automatically notify you if your Fi account operates at your destination based on the flight details retrieved from your Gmail account.

As of this moment, there’s no information available regarding when Google will return to expanding its Project Fi support to India. However, it is going to be valuable to NRIs and tourists travelling from the US.


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