How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone (IOS): Changing phones is not that hard and takes nothing more popping out of the sim card out of 1 device and placing it in a different.

And thanks to smartphones (along with the innovative operating systems that force them), shifting contacts from 1 OS to another is a stroll in the park.

In the event you intend to move in an Android smartphone into an iPhone, below are some simple methods by using which you can migrate your entire contacts into your new mobile phone.

Using your Gmail Account:

Should you utilize Android, it is almost a given you’ve got a Gmail account. And Gmail makes it effortless to sync all of your contacts on it.

This will sync all of your contacts to a Gmail address account. In the end, choose Google and sign-in with the Google accounts where you have synced your contacts.

Nevertheless, be sure to have’Contacts’ allowed in the settings before the sync.

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone
How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Export contacts via native Contacts program

Open the native Contacts app in your Android smartphone and Choose Import/Export from more choices.

Here you may export some/all of your contacts into a VCF file, which is subsequently utilized to export the contacts to the iPhone.

The program may be downloaded from the Google Play Store and works with iPhones which are installed from scratch.

Therefore, if you are already utilizing the iPhone, then you might need to reset the device before using Proceed to the iOS program.

When establishing the iPhone, programs and Info’ window is displayed.

Here, choose’Transfer Info from Android.’

After the conditions and terms are agreed to, the program indicates a 10-digit code that must be input on the Android device where you would like to transfer the contacts.

After both mobiles are synced, then you can pick whatever contacts you want to move.

With third-party Softwares or Applications

There are lots of third-party applications which could be utilized to transfer contacts from Android to iOS.

Nonetheless, be confident that you pick a program that is available on both the iOS and Android.

Virtually all programs demand backing up contacts (like VCF file) and sending them into an email address of your selection.

Next, all you want to is open the email on your own iPhone and get the connected VCF file. This may directly import all of the connections into the iPhone.

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