How to Scan the Document or Photo in Windows 8, 7 and 10: Two ways are present to scan the photo or document on our computer. We can do it by using the Dedicated scanner or by using Multi-Function Printer (MFP). Both of them consists of a scanner.

Scan the Document or Photo in Windows
Scan the Document or Photo in Windows

Here is the complete information which will tell us how to scan a photo or document using standalone scanner or MFP. We do not require any special software for doing this on Windows 10, 8 and 7.

How to Scan the Document or Photo in Windows 8, 7 and 10

Before knowing all the details, make sure that you have connected the scanner or MFP to the computer correctly. Check whether the connection is working correctly.

Open Windows Fax and Scan Program


It is the quickest and the most comfortable method. For doing this, search for the Windows Fax in the search bar. It will show us the list of results and pick the ‘Windows Fax‘ among them. Click on it so that it will open.

We can find the search bar just right next to the Start button in Windows 10. In some recent versions, the search bar is available on the Start button. So at first, we have to click on it.

How to Scan the Document

In several different Windows versions, we can find the Windows Fax and Scan directly from the Start menu. There is no need to search for it mainly.

Windows 10: Start button -> Accessories

In Windows 8: Start Screen -> Apps

Windows 7: Start Menu -> All Programs

How to scan Using Windows Fax and Scan Program


On Windows 7,8 and 10, the Windows Fax and Scan are similar. After introducing the Windows Vista, Microsoft did not update the program interface. Here is the procedure which explains us about how to scan a photo or document using standalone scanner or MFP. As the updates are not available, no matter what type of version exists in our system. Follow the same steps for all kinds of versions.

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  1. Check whether the scanner or MFP is in ON mode. If they are not in ON mode, turn them on.
  2. In the blue toolbar, tap on the New Scan. Within few seconds, we can see the New Scan window.
  3. We can select the scanner upon our interest form the Select Device window.
  4. Finally, tap on OK button.
  5. On the left side of the window, we have to modify the scanner and scanning options under the New Scan Window.
  6. By clicking on the Preview, we can store the preview related to the scan.
  7. Finally, by tapping on the Scan option, we can scan the document successfully.

Scanning process through Scanned Documents

Under the Windows Fax and Scan window document pane, we can find the scanner scanned documents. To view the entire scanned document, we have to scroll up and down.

We can do anything based on our desire simply by clicking on the blue menu bar which is available on the top of the window.

How to Scan the Document

  • Forward as Fax: By clicking on it, we can fax all scanned documents to one or more persons. Within the Windows Fax and Scan, we can send it to various recipients.
  • Forward as E-Mail: By clicking on it, we can send all of our scanned documents through e-mail to one or more individuals. If we click on this option, we can see the new message window in which the files are attached. In that, we have to type our required address, type and we can send the message.
  • Save As: Using this option, we can save our document with our desired name, and in our required format. We can save them in another folder also.

Even though if you are not interested in doing anything with your scanned documents and photos, it will automatically scan and saves them as a file. We can view them at any time when we open our program.

Within the file list, we can see the file by clicking on it. All the scanned documents are present in the document pane.


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