Xbox One games on Windows 10: This article will tell us how to play Xbox one games on Windows 10.

Xbox One games on Windows 10

Topics Covered in the Article

1. What is game streaming?

Game streaming is the capability through which we can play Xbox One games. We can stream them remotely directly from our Xbox One console using the home network on any Windows PC.

  • It will facilitate us to play Xbox One games at anyplace even by leaving the living room using the home network access.
  • The game streaming will make use of the Xbox One console for managing the game. We can roam freely in our home by playing the Xbox One console and games in and around our house.

2. System requirements

Game streaming advantages:

  • Xbox One Console: We should enable it in the Settings.
  • Windows 10 PC: It is necessary to log in the Xbox app using the same Gamertag on the Xbox One console.
  • Network Connectivity: Both the Xbox One Console and Windows 10 PC should have the same home network.
    • Ethernet connection which is wired (we should recommend it on both Xbox One Console and PC)
    • 802.11 N/AC is the wireless connection.

To have the best performance on our Windows 10 PC, we should maintain the following things:

  • Our RAM capability should be 2 gigabytes
  • The PC should contain the faster 1.5GHz CPU.
  • The Home network connection should be like stated one:
    • To have the best performance, we should maintain the wired ethernet connection.
    • Using the 5 GHz 802.11 N or 802.11 AC wireless access point, we can promote the good performance.
    • Wireless – 2.4 GHz 802.11 N or 802.11 AC wireless will lead to the limited performance.


We have to invest more in two additional options if the distance of a wired connection between the home networking device and console is not practical. Here are the two modes in which we have invested.

  • Powerline network adapters – They will permit us to make use of the present electrical wiring in our home to deliver the high-speed wired network.
  • MoCA – The full form of this is Multimedia Over Coax. They will help us to use the existing coaxial cable wiring as the wired network with high speed in our home.

3. How to begin Xbox One in our Windows 10 PC

3.1 Steps to enable the Xbox One settings

At first, we have to allow the game to stream options on our Xbox One to use the Xbox game streaming.

To open the guide, tap on the Xbox button and then click on Settings. After that select preferences and then Xbox app connections.

3.2 How to do these two things?

  1. We have to enable the ‘Allow game streaming to other devices’ which is present under this Xbox.
  2. Click on ‘Allow connections from any device or Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox’ which is under the Other devices wing.

4. How to Connect Windows 10 PC to our Xbox One

After making sure that all the console setting are appropriate, we have to connect our Windows PC to the Xbox One. To connect it, using the Xbox app which is available on our PC.

  1. Launch the Xbox app on our PC.
  2. On the left side of the panel, we have to select the ‘Connect’ option.
  3. Finally, our Xbox app will perform the scanning process. It will scan our home network which is present on the Xbox One consoles. We have to choose our required console name which we are willing to connect.

Note: All the Xbox One console can be called as ‘MyXboxOne’. We should identify the console correctly if you have various consoles. Here are the steps to rename our console.

4.1 How to rename our Console?

Xbox One games on Windows 10

Press the Xbox button to rename the console. Visit the system settings and then select the ‘All Settings’ and finally click on the Console info. We have to choose our console name under the Name box.

  1. You can observe the change in the icon once after we get connected successfully. We can also find the new option, and we can use it for power, streaming and media remotes. Now, we can also get the control on our console remotely.

4.2 What to do to launch the game streaming using the Connection Panel

Tap on the Stream to start the streaming after connecting our device to the console.


5. Procedure to launch the Game using the Xbox app

Xbox One games on Windows 10

After connecting to the PC, tap on the Xbox One game which is available on the Xbox app. Within the game hub, we can start the streaming. We have to click on the ‘Play from Console’, and it is available in the upper-right corner of our screen.

After doing this, we can launch the game on our Xbox One console. Then start the streaming.

6. How to modify the streaming quality

Xbox One games on Windows 10

We have to choose the quality level required for our video once we have connected our console to our PC. Individuals can change the stream quality even while the video is streaming. Customers can pick their desired quality level so that they can get good gameplay experience.

  1. Tap on the Settings in the Xbox app and then choose ‘Game streaming’.
    • High – we can choose this high quality if our Xbox and PC had the wired Ethernet connection.
    • Medium – If PC and console are in different rooms in our home, then we can use this medium streaming quality.
    • Low – For tablets, PCs which are delivering low performance, 2.4GHz wireless networks can choose this low streaming.Here we can select the streaming quality under the ‘Video encoding level’.

7. How to play Xbox games through Oculus Rift

For this, our Xbox and PC should have a same wireless network.

Xbox One games on Windows 10

  1. Check whether our Xbox One is in On mode and we are signed in it.
  2. Login to the Xbox app on our PC. We should use the same profile that we are using on the Xbox One.
  3. Then open the Oculus app and then log in to that Oculus account.
  4. Find the ‘Xbox’ option and then install the Xbox One Streaming.
  5. Open it and choose the Xbox if it is essential.
    • The app will select it automatically if we have only one Xbox.
    • Make sure whether you signed in the Xbox.
    • To connect the Xbox with the help of the IP address then click on the Setting and then choose the Network. After that click on the Network setting and then on the Advanced.
  6. Finally, we can start our Xbox, and we can also use the Rift headset.


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