How to get a literary agent who love your Book: I was ready.

I had an edited manuscript. I had a tiered list of agents. The process can take months, maybe years, I’d discovered.

The good news is that it did not take years to acquire an offer of representation. The even better story:

This feature came in the kind of four magic words, words I had been told to wait for with the pros: I like your book.

Not only a Facebook-worthy thumbs up, maybe not an”I think I could sell this.

How to get a literary agent who love your Book
How to get a literary agent who love your Book

” Love. The reason you wait for true love in publishing is that publishing takes it, and not just in the writer.

Keep in mind the feverish crush which helped fuel your first draft? Your broker needs the same big-eyed reverence for your book to take it out to editors, hoping for another love connection.

So how do you snag one of those lovey-doveys for yourself?


You’ve already revised, I understand.

Make sure your pages state exactly what you meant.

Make your paragraphs sing.

Read it

The perfect way to observe how it’s done would be to read.

Read widely. Whenever you don’t like something, figure out why.

Apply everything you learn for your draft till further thoughts ping it off.


Collect your intellect.

Which books are like yours, maybe not only in subject but also in design and style? Who’s agented them? Use online tools to sort through the known world of broker submissions.

Learn as much as you can, and start a list.

Rank agents in order of likelihood of love match.


Compose a synopsis.

Get one. If at any one of these actions you find something lacking in your story, do not ignore the issue.

Every step of this procedure is a opportunity to get it right before someone else can tell you-you’re getting it wrong.

Go back over your draft until your product is perfectly packaged for sale. Did your eye only twitch?


Time for a few allies.

If you’ve got a writers’ group, they ought to have already had a swipe at your pages, but using a composing network isn’t just about first readers.

What you would like is a group of individuals who can inform you the way the road ahead looks.

Research authors’ associations in your genre and beyond. Ask at the regional library, book stores, schools or colleges for composing groups or assignments.


The guidelines, in this case. This is your last opportunity before you click send to look at your listing of brokers and take note of what they desire from your initial query.

Getting through the front doorway is frequently about playing with the rules.

Do not ship anything –or more–than every agent has requested for.


Submit to four to eight agents only.

Send each a separate email or mailed package (since they asked ) with just the information that they asked for.

Keep things professional. No gimmicks. Save the remainder of your list for now.


Start something new. No, actually.

Write another book. You want to think about something else, and even if everything goes just as you would like it to on the first book,. & you’ll still need a new draft in short order.


Keep track of your entry results–and learn from them.

If you are not getting any webpage asks, your query letter requires work.

If you are receiving partial requests but nothing, your very first pages aren’t snagging the reader.

If you’re getting full requests but no nibbles, it is time to have a look at the entire manuscript again.

Be conscious of every response, give it time, and

Submit again

That is the reason you saved the remainder of your list.

Submit, again, to four to eight brokers only, employing every step, each rejection, each encouragement to better prepare your job for the next round (and the future), as long as it takes to locate a match.


Just like in love, things might not always go as intended.

Keep writing.

Perhaps the next book is the one that will put stars in an agent’s eyes.

That’s not really why you write, can it be? If you dedicate to writing for reasons beyond publishing, then it will not take you long to get the love of your life, in words right there on the webpage.


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