How to erase iPhone data without icloud password: The very first thing you will need to do would delete all of the contents and preferences in your iPhone so no one can abuse your private and essential information and nobody steals your individuality.

But if you’re thinking about how somebody can discover your information when you delete it, you ought to be aware that a very simple deletion does not actually remove the data out of your iPhone, but instead it merely stores the data to the cache memory that remains there in a physical condition which you cannot see.

How to erase iPhone data without icloud password

This deleted information can be easily retrieved with the assistance of some free data recovery tools on the internet.

erase iphone data without icloud password
erase iPhone data without icloud password

Thus, you have to start looking for a method to permanently delete all these data like messages, notes, pictures, information, credit card and banking information from the iPhone.

Luckily, there are just three approaches to eliminate your iPhone info, and it works even if you overlook the iCloud password.

Read below to find the methods.

Method No #1: Change iPhone out of iTunes

In case you’ve synced your iPhone using iTunes before then, there is an opportunity to revive your telephone back to this state at which you will need no iCloud password to reset your own iPhone. Here is the way to do this:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer you synced and start iTunes.

Step 2. iTunes ought to comprehend your device and will execute instantaneous sync.

Step 3. Following the syncing advancement is completed, select”Restore Apparatus” and then choose the old backup profile to restore.

Step 4. Set your device up as brand new again and again restart iPhone.

Your iPhone ought to be clean as fresh now, and it’s possible to mill reset it again to make sure all of the settings and contents are flawlessly erased.


  • Time-consuming process and it won’t work if your backup has password also.
  • Erased files can be restored with almost any data retrieval tool.

Method #2: Erase iPhone Data By Hard Reset iPhone

An additional way to erase everything out of the iPhone without the iCloud password is to reset it.

Apple iPhones come with an inbuilt feature from where you can wipe and remove all of the contents and configurations with a single tap.

Follow the below steps to perform a Difficult reset on your iPhone —

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone then go to Menu followed by Settings.

Step 2. Then scroll down and tap on”General.”

Step 3. On the next window tap “Reset” >”Erase all contents and settings.”

Step 4. A small pop up window will appear, and tap “Erase iPhone” and wait till the procedure is successfully gonna finish.

That is all. Your iPhone is going to be sure to be restarted without having any data inside it.


  • Perhaps not a secure way to erase secret stuff.
  • Again, then the deleted data can be restored quickly with almost any data recovery software.


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