How to completely Wipe a Hard Drive: Before going into the article, the main thing that we should know is that this entire process works only on the Windows computers.

How to completely Wipe a Hard Drive
How to completely Wipe a Hard Drive

It is necessary to wipe the hard drive which is present on our computer if you decided to sell the Windows computer. The hard drive contains all our personal information. So wipe it off before handling it to others.

How to completely Wipe a Hard Drive

It is not enough if you format the hard drive because there is a data recovery software through which we can recover the data. We have to follow the below steps to remove the data permanently from our system.

Note: It is the advanced process to wipe the hard drive

If we don’t know how to do it properly, we have to schedule the process by taking it to the nearby Best Buy Store. In that, we can find the Geek Squad Agent who can handle the whole procedure for us.

How to download the DBAN

How to download the DBAN
How to download the DBAN

How to completely Wipe a Hard Drive

The full form of DBAN is Darik’s Boot and Nuke. To download it, we have to visit In that, we have to tap on the Download DBAN. It will store as .iso file soon after it completed the downloading process. Later, we have to burn it to the DVD, CD or the USB storage device. Hence, we can run it without booting the operating system. While booting sometimes it will wipe off.

Before beginning this procedure, we have to create the recovery disk and try to back up the data.

Our data will get deleted including the recovery partition once you started the wiping process. Here is the complete information how to back up our data.

Boot a DBAN from the CD or DVD

It is essential to burn the .iso file to the disk if we are planning to run the DBAN from the CD or DVD. While burning, we have to choose the Burn image or Write image options which are available in our CD/DVD writing software.

Keep the disk in a CD/DVD drive which you are thinking to reboot or wipe soon after the completion of the CD/DVD burning process. To boot it to CD or DVD, we have to enter it into the BIOS.

Boot DBAN from the USB device

We have to download the ISO-to-USB software if you are using the USB device. It will aid us to read the file correctly. This process won’t work if we only copy or paste the data directly to our USB device. The instructions will differ mainly depending on the type of the software we are using at that time. Using the .iso data, we have to turn our USB device to a bootable disk.

Note: ISO-to-USB format will format our USB device and make it work properly.

Once if we are done to create the boot disk, we have to modify our boot device and should turn it in BIOS. So that, the Removable Devices will appear first in the list. Keep the boot disk in the USB port and then reboot the entire machine.

Finally, Wipe your Hard Drive

How to completely Wipe a Hard Drive

Press Enter while the boot screen loads up and then enter M so that we can get the method screen. Here we can select the wipe type which we are going to perform. If the method that we have chosen is stronger, then the time to wipe will also be longer. According to us, the DOD 5220.22-M option is good to use.

At first, we have to select the method correctly and then choose the drive that we are going to perform the wiping process.

Once your sure that your data has completed the whole back up process, then enter the F10. By pressing F10, the hard drive wipe process will begin.

Before the switching of the machine make sure whether the software has completed. It may take hours to days to complete all these cases.


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