Google Pixel 2 is Best Camera SmartphoneApple and Samsung can make the most popular smartphones, but the camera on Google’s Pixel 2 smartphone is considered among the best available on the market.

Google Pixel 2 is Best Camera Smartphone

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Google Pixel 2 is Best Camera Smartphone
Google Pixel 2 is Best Camera Smartphone


1. Portrait mode

Portrait mode is now a common smartphone feature, which lets users apply professional DSLR quality effects to images. The bokeh effect, which blurs image wallpapers and sharpens the foreground subject, is one of the most common portrait-mode consequences.

While many smartphones with advanced cameras incorporate some version of portrait style, the attribute tends to be on just the primary rear camera. The Pixel two, however, can produce portrait-mode pictures through both its rear and front cameras.

Apple’s iPhone X also allows for bokeh effect and other camera tips on the unit’s leading camera through its own portrait lighting feature, but the program is still in beta and is not exactly to DSLR quality now.

2. Single Lens and Most Powerful

Most high-end smartphones contain dual-lens cameras these days, such as the iPhone 7, 8 and X, and Samsung’s Galaxy S8. The Pixel 2, however, has beat out all these apparatus for quality, even though it just includes a single-lens camera setup.

Several reviews and benchmarks have called the Pixel 2 the best mobile camera in the marketplace. Many smartphone makers introduced dual-lens setups to empower advanced camera features, like portrait style, but Google mastered the attribute solely with software optimisation.

While applications tricks may be the less expensive option, it might just be easier to buy a Pixel two to receive its leading camera attributes.

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3. The Pixel 2 is Affordable

With no bells and whistles featured on other high-end devices, the Pixel 2 remains relatively cheap in the premium domain, selling for a starting price of $650.

The device has a straightforward aluminium layout, while some competitors have changed to glass curved and bodies displays. Google also maintained the Pixel 2 colour choices simple — they include Only Dark, Clearly White and Kinda Blue for the standard Pixel 2, in addition to the added Black & White option for the more prominent Pixel 2 XL.

This leaves a lot of highlight attributes on the Pixel 2 relegated to its software camera.

4. The Pixel 2 comes with Android Oreo

Google’s Pixel 2 and Other smartphones are often referred to as the Android variants of the iPhone due to their stock applications that do not include any third-party customisations. Google devices such as the Pixel 2 also receive frequent updates directly from the software maker.

The Pixel 2 now runs Android Oreo, and some other current software updates are made to this Android variant, such as the previously mentioned digital zoom and HDR+ attributes.

Since the hottest Google smartphone, the Pixel 2 is typically the first to receive an update, the camera focused or otherwise.

5. The Google Pixel 2 Comes with Unlimited Google Photos Option

Pixel 2 users don’t need to think about losing pictures they plan to share on social websites as all photographs can easily be stored in the Google Photos stock app.

Google’s Photos app includes simple editing and sharing choices. It also helps users select the best photos for sharing and gives image reminders and highlights of exceptional shots captured in the past. It’s to get a throwback Thursday, or before-and-after shots.

6. Upcoming updates & Implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Google recently announced it is launching the native AI capabilities on the Pixel 2 to work with third-party social networking programs, including Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

These programs will have Google-backed attributes including digital zoom and HDR+ technologies, powered by the Visual Core AI chip in the Pixel 2.

What is even more on the side of this feature will work only with Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, but it is not yet optioned within actual camera app on the GooglePixel 2. Still, GooglePixel 2 owners will get to see Google’s AI photography in actions on the above Mentioned social media apps.

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Both the digital zoom and HDR+ attributes use Google’s AI and machine learning to blend the burst shots into an ideal photo — sharpening zoomed images and applying brightness and colour enhancements to dim shots with HDR+.


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