Google I/O 2019 Reveals Assistant Driving Mode (Advanced Car Mode with Assistance)

Assistant Driving Mode

With a new feature named Assistant Driving Mode. The company announced the tool Tuesday morning at Google I/O, its yearly developer conference.

google assistant driving mode
google assistant driving mode

Assistant Driving Mode is a redesigned dashboard that brings messaging, navigation, calls, and your media players front and center. It’ll be most useful if you have obtained your handset set up in a dashboard dock, but that is not required to use Assistant Driving Mode.

To begin with, you’ll only say, “Hey Google, let us drive.” On hearing these aftermath phrases, Assistant surfaces the driving navigation view. This hooked into your calendar, music and missed calls and, of course, maps. So let’s say you are leaving the workplace to meet a friend for dinner. Assistant Driving Mode might offer to navigate you there, or into the location of your following calendar item.

Advanced Mode of Carmode=Assistant Driving Mode

In the event you missed a call, it might suggest to call back while you push — all hands. You can also restart a podcast you started listening to from home, with no mechanically wrapped in.

Most of the time, you are going to focus on the map, which Driving Mode retains at the top of your phone screen. A small music player might reside on the floor. When a call comes in, it is going to pop up in the bottom of the display, which means that you can keep your eyes on the map.

Right now Assistant Driving Mode starts only throughout the voice wake word. Eventually, Google says you are going to have the ability to flick the dashboard up on Google Maps and Waze.

Assistant Driving Mode arrives after this year on Assistant-enabled Android mobiles in the Usa.

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