Fenda Audio New Range of Earphones and Headphones: Fenda Audio is India’s dominating audio solutions providing brand. It is well known to the users of its new technology and for maintaining the superior quality of its products. This company is making the innovations regularly. Now, it unveiled the new range of Earphones and Headphones on September 19th, 2017. The company introduced the products like E220, E310, E320, E330, HW110, HW111 and EW201, EW202.

Fenda Audio New Range of Earphones and Headphones will bring the Musical Delight for Music Lovers in this Festive Season

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The primary intention of the Fenda Audio is to bring the elegance of aesthetics and to make them know the power of sound with its products. Keeping the Dussehra festive mood in their minds, they want to provide these new products to the customers as the gifting options which use the latest technologies. The company officially says that their latest products which have the innovative and stylish design will aid us to tune our music. With that, we can enter the real world very quickly in a simple and seamless manner.

The price of Fenda Audio New Range of Earphones and Headphones

Fenda Audio priced these new products starting from INR 990 to INR 2490. They made them available to the users, and we can get them at all the dominating F & D authorised dealers. We can purchase them even in online.

Boon for the users who want to delve in their own moments

For the people who want to stay in their own enjoyable moments, the Fenda Audio provided earphones will be the boon for them. These earphones will undoubtedly increase the experience that we get from the Mobiles, Laptops and Tablets. They contain the real quality music.

About Fenda Audio (F&D):

Officials started this Fenda Audio Pvt. Ltd in India in 2004. Their main aim is to give the new audio experience for the consumers at home with the reasonable price. Within 5 years, it symbolized their excellence range in the world of sound. However, it became the familiar brand which supplies the Multimedia Speakers. It is familiar great electronics brand among the customers for its superior quality products, introducing the latest technology and making innovations constantly. Fenda Audio is the expert in satisfying the customers, has the large sales and extensive service network.

F&D in India:

F&D has left its footprints across the India as it has over 1000 dealers and distributors. This company nearly had 10 direct branch locations across major towns and cities in our country. Fenda India features the strong service with approximately 70 trained service engineers.
F&D ensures us that it will make the difference in people’s lifestyles using their products which delivers the new measurements of enjoyment.

It is expert in making Multimedia Speakers, Home Theatres, DVD Player and Portable DVD Player, LED TV.

For more details, we can visit Fenda Audio


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