Feature Phones impacted the smartphones market trend: The smartphones sale in India got increased more in 2011. By 2013, our country ranked well as the significant smartphone market.

As the market grew up, we can find millions of handsets in our market. But in 2016, the demand had gone down, and the trend changed tremendously. The main reason behind it is the Demonetisation which has affected the sales in 2016. Due to this problem, the shipments went down suddenly from 61 percent to 18 percent when we compare 2016 sales with 2015.

Feature Phones impacted the smartphones market trend

As per the researcher’s report, the entry of 4G-LTE feature phones is the primary cause of the fall of the smartphone sales. The feature phones hampered the smartphone sales growth in 2017. Mukesh Ambani introduced Reliance Jio mobiles changed the trend gradually. Using this Jio phones, the customers can easily get access to the online content. As they felt comfortable with that trend, they shifted towards the featured phones rather than smartphones.

Hence the Reliance Jio phones are the primary victims for changing the trend. To rival Jio, several phones like Intex, Lava, Micromax and many entered the picture.

The research reports say the efforts increased the count of the customers who are using the internet to 500 million. In the research, the researchers observed that nearly 85 percent people are not willing to shift themselves towards the smartphones in their next purchases.

Reasons why the customers got attracted towards the Feature phones

However, the customers stated the affordability is not only the main factor which attracted them towards the feature phones. There are many other reasons also which makes them stay away from the smartphones. Other factors that they took into the consideration are the local handset manufacturing and selling prices which are average.

Tarun Pathak is the Associate director during the survey. He said that manufacturers made circuit board assemble helped the feature phones to receive higher boosting.

They are expecting that by 2018, the handset market may increase by 30 percent. This year, the people are thinking to keep at least Rs 15,000 to buy the smartphone. Within the less price than it, they can purchase the feature phones in which the accessibility and all turned favour to the users.


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