Finally, Facebook Messenger Updated with Unsend message in messenger

On Tuesday (05-02-2019), Facebook announced new unsend option is currently to roll the Messenger app on Android and iOS. All you’ll have to do is tap the message you want to delete and select “Remove for Everyone” within ten minutes of sending a message.

facebook messenger remove message button
facebook messenger remove message button (Source: Messenger Blog)

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unsend message in messenger

Have you ever accidentally sent a message into the wrong chat box of messenger, mistyped something, or just wished to remove a message in a chat?

Starting today, Facebook was Launching a feature where you can easily eliminate your message on Messenger — if it is to a single individual or a group. Just tap on the message you need to remove and choose the option to”Eliminate for everybody”.

The eliminated message will be replaced by text telling everyone in the conversation the message has been removed. You will have up to ten minutes to get rid of a message once it’s sent.

If you want to remove a message only for yourself, you can still do this anytime by selecting”Eliminate for You”. When you choose this option, the message will be eliminated for you, but not for anybody else in the chat.

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Facebook introduced Unsend Message attribute for its incorporated Social Chat”Messenger”. Facebook stretched a whole lot to implement the major feature to allow users escape out of humiliation or unsolicited typo mistakes if they accidentally type something in the chat box.

Unsend attribute is more like Delete Message on WhatsApp, to remove a message tap and hold for few seconds and you will see a popup — Remove. Select from Remove for Everybody and Remove for You. Two distinct choices will let users pick from complete deletion or simply to delete their backup and let the receiver get the message in their chat box.

unsend message - unsend facebook messenger update
unsend message – unsend facebook messenger update

The choice will be available for 10 Minutes, after which it isn’t possible to erase everything you had done. 10 Minutes is enough time for consumers to opt to un-done their action. If are not able to see it upgrade the Messenger program on iOS and Android.

The trigger to launch the Unsend Message started last year in April when many discovered that Mark Zuckerberg is having the privilege of expiring messages. Many noted that the message has been deleted and also the exact same day following a great deal of users needed to have a similar advantage, Facebook declared to provide the features for everybody. It has implemented and you can use it on the newest updated Messenger App.

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