DT Ignite Detect and Disable APK Download: DT Ignite is used by a lot of carriers install on Android devices. [AC’s own Jerry Hildebrand composed a primer about the bloatware that you should read.

In a nutshell, DT Ignite is necessarily a system application that runs in the background and allows carriers to market and set up other apps on your carrier-branded phone. Luckily, it could be disabled.

dt ignite
dt ignite
  1. The Way to disable DT Ignite
  2. Swipe down from the top of the display screen to get the notification color.
  3. Tap the Settings icon.
  4. Tap Apps (may be labeled Applications or Applications manager depending on the phone you are using). NOTE: Some telephones may show DT Ignite within an installed app, while some will lump it in with the machine apps. See steps 4 and five if you cannot find DT Ignite from the Apps settings.
  5. Tap the menu at the top right corner. It should look like three dots or lines.
  6. Tap the Show system.
  7. Locate and tap on DT Ignite.
  8. Click Disable.

dt ignite


AC has confirmed that AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Rogers, America Movi, Vodaphone and Deutsche Telekom market mobiles with DT Ignite installed, but not every phone they market will contain it.


Your phone may also possess a DT Ignite folder on the storage. Once you disable the app and uninstall whatever it downloaded, you can safely delete this folder.


DT Ignite Detect and Disable App Description: This app is a simple check to see if your phone includes the DT Ignite (Digital Turbine Ignite) applications. This is used by carriers to install this adware and anything else they chose on your apparatus, silently.

This application is meant by only for stock firmware, and it probably won’t find this app on any 3rd party firmware, such as CyanogenMod.

I can’t guarantee the capability always to disable malware either; some OEM’s can add in protection to prevent users from disabling this app. It is still going to have the ability to tell you if the application is current, however.

In Case if You Have any problems or questions, email me at simon+dtdetector (in ) simonsickle (dot) com\

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NOTE: The title”Digital Turbine Ignite” is the property of Digital Turbine and I don’t take any claim on this name.


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