Dragon Defender APK Download: Only you can rescue him from the perils of these wicked creatures. Happily you’ve got magical towers to help you!

Combining act-now activity and think-ahead plan, Dragon Defender provides you hours of fun gameplay! Have you got what it takes to finish all levels?

Looks great on both the tablets and phones!

dragon defenders apk
dragon defenders apk


* Monsters:15 distinct creatures with various strengths and rate. Some have special skills, like becoming invisible or having the ability to fly straight towards your dragon.

* Towers: 4 distinct towers, all with various abilities. Every tower can be updated three times, getting more powerful and using a broader reach.

Levels contain removable items which could hide paintings beneath.

* Power-ups: two distinct power-ups that impact all observable monsters on the monitor. Throw fireballs or suspend all monster briefly. They’re strong but infrequent – use them wisely!

* Update store: Update towers and more to further enhance your survival odds!

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What’s new

– minor bug fixes


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