Donald Trump Wins Nevada Caucus from the Republican party in 2016: Donald Trump won a second state in his attempt to become the Republican Party nominee for president.

He earned 46 percent of the vote at the Nevada caucus.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio won 24 percent of the vote, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz came in third with 21 percent.

Nevada Caucus

It’s Trump’s third win in a row after winning primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina earlier this season.

nevada caucas
nevada caucas

Trump said he is now”winning the country,” and he’ll pick up more Republican fans as his competitions fall out of the race.

The next major test for Trump along with the other candidates will be March 1. That day is known as”Super Tuesday.”

Over 10 countries will maintain primaries and caucuses that day.

By then, the Republican nomination procedure will be almost one-third over. A candidate requires at least 1,237 delegates to be able to deserve the party’s nomination heading into the election in November.

Nevada Caucus

A poll of voters by CNN showed Trump had assistants over most demographic groups.

Trump said he was glad he was the very best vote-getter among Hispanic voters at the caucus. He supports although he stated he wants to build a wall between Mexico and the USA. He said he wants Mexico to cover it.

He says some important questions emerge following Trump’s winning streak.

“Where could he be stopped? Where’s he deprived of a successor numerous victories — and that will do the quitting?”

The answer will become clearer next week.

Reported in 2016


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