What is Colorado Renaissance Festival, 2018 Dates: Jun 16 – Aug 5: We take you on a magical tour through time and legend. As you drift down the village streets and pathways of the Colorado Renaissance Festival, prepared thyself to revel with master revelers, see artisans produce original works of the ancient craft & be taken in by the tantalizing aromas of roast fish eggs, beef on a bet, fresh baked goods and a whole lot more.

Featuring a cast of hundreds of authentically costumed merrymakers living & working throughout the village, performing, continuously, upon the Festival’s seven phases, the illusion of a rollicking 16th Century festival day is created.

Colorado Renaissance Festival 42nd Anniversary

You’ll meet all kinds, from jousters into jugglers to minstrels into maidens fair; all schooled in the art of interactive theatre! Much new amusement was summoned by Great King Henry for this glorious year. For eight special summer, weekends enjoy family fun for children and beautiful times for adults.

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Things to Know About 2018 Colorado Renaissance Festival

1. It’s the Festival’s 42nd Anniversary

colorado renaissance festival
Colorado renaissance festival

2018 marks the 42nd Anniversary of the beloved event that pays homage to the 16thcentury’s most excellent attributes from food and drinks to remarkable entertainment choices.

2. There is a motif for thatThe Colorado Renaissance Festival.

Colorado Renaissance Festival june 2018 theme
Colorado Renaissance Festival june 2018 theme

You will find theme weekends to encourage and pay tribute to different aspects of the time. If you’re searching for guys in kilts, then you’re probably going to want to attend the Celtic Festival at the end of June. Maybe pirates would be your vice? Try making time to get your Pirate Invasion weekend at the end of July. Hint: Searching for love?

Romance will be in the air of the fair July 21st and

3. There is live entertainment Washing-Well Wenches in the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

colorado renaissance festival live photos
colorado renaissance festival live photos

Where else could you find such as an array of talent in one place? You won’t want to overlook the illusions and comedy of Arsene of either Paris or the music of this CRAIC Show full with bagpipes.

Catch a glimpse of The Vodca and wine Family performing first musical numbers complete with comedy and improv.

4. Don’t overlook the medieval-themed food Giant food at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

colorado renaissance festival food
colorado renaissance festival food

Wondering what to eat? You will probably have a tough time figuring out where, to begin with, the alternatives out there.

Grab a turkey drumstick at Canterbury Kitchens then go over to Knight’s Kitchen for Dragon Wings.

Do not overlook Friar Tuck’s Bakery for the perfect dessert to top off it. You can shop til’ you dropThe Colorado Renaissance Festival.

Shopping should be on your to-do list if you are heading into the festival.

More than 200 stores feature everything from jewelry to costumes, pottery, and glassblowing.

6. It is possible to use your tickets every time you want A Fairy in the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

colorado festival ticket
colorado festival ticket

Tickets available at the gate entrance counter, online, or at King Soopers.

These admissions are one-time use only, but they aren’t dating specifically therefore even though the festival carries on rain & shine,

you can wait for a sunny day when it pleases you.

Discounted rates are always available for kids aged under 5-12 and children under five years of age are free.

Remember, it’s a good idea to get there early, wear your walking shoes, and bring money instead of cards. Suspend reality for only a brief time as you research and socialize with a time of love, magic, and dream.

What Others Told About  Colorado renaissance festival

“You feel like you’ve gone to another time,” King Henry,” said.

It’s a kingdom which King Henry has reigned over for ten years.

“I would love to predominate here provided that they will let me,” he explained.

This year’s festival fails to emphasize with traditional music performances and comedy acts with court jesters and the notorious washing well wenches. And while it retains the classics, a fresh line up of felines make up the Endangered Cat Show.

While patrons can opt to dress up or not, there are dozens of cast members at the full character.

“Patrons and throw alike — that they get wrapped up in the fantasy so much that it ceases to be a fantasy,” King Henry said.

It’s a dream that King Henry struggles non-believers to attempt until the gates close for the season.

“If you spend the day here, I suspect that at the time they fire the closing cannon, you’ll be hooked,” King Henry stated.



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