Which Business are Completely Ruined by Internet Technology

A few Days ago I was having a conversation with my mom saying how profitable Uncle’s business in Hyderabad is (he basically sells electronic devices) and after some years Amazon came along and started selling phones at a much lesser price killing the middleman (Distributor or Seller) and thier commissions.

The picture below would give you an indication how Crazy the World of Internet technology, Business ruined in Online

internet giants without Owning Anything
internet giants & Internet Technology Masters

Bookstores & Media Industry

Bookstores like borders, Video rental shops like Blockbuster and people who were in the middle of content creation all went out of business because of Online download technology and the internet keeps giving the free content in the form of videos on youtube and google books.

Telecommunication sector and Post offices

Letters were replaced by email, text messaging are replaced by WhatsApp, Telegram & Instagram Latest TIKTOK (Replacement to Dubsmash)

jio 4g data
jio 4g data
  • JIO offered free internet for almost over a year and nominal prices afterward and it killed so many Telecom companies. Also, lead to mergers of big players like idea and Vodafone. The Internet rate went from 250/1GB/3G -> 199/45GB/4G/unlimited calls/unlimited SMS. The ERA Still Continues Until Jio Offers Gets Shutdown.

TV, Radio & other streaming services:

  • It’s hard to accept how these industries will survive in long run. With Netflix, YouTube, Torrent, Amazon Prime, Hulu, podcasts and Facebook watch. It seems very difficult for the streaming industry with the old infrastructure to survive. I mean Facebook bought la Liga rights, Amazon primes have EPL rights from next season.

Before we move along further I would intervene with how things go with the Internet

Physical is becoming more and more subtle. Wires are replaced by waves, hardware is getting minimal. Smart phones get smaller and more powerful. Google pixel does better than most smartphone camera with just a single camera.

The Internet makes things more and more subtle.


Ambani at nasscom said blockchain is the next big thing and it’ll build a more trusted economy. With blockchain corruption and malpractices will significantly go down. Just see what happened with Amazon in India – Amazon flipkart went direct to consumer and minimized giving commissions which lead to government regulating them to protect small businesses in India.

Database of People and Personas

Amazon’s data is estimated to be worth a Trillion.

Jeff Bezos Cover Photo Amazon
Jeff Bezos Cover Photo Amazon

if jeff Bezos Still has Mind to Sell Data He is No 1 Richest Billioniare For the Entire upcoming Years.

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