Brian Krebs on Security: Social media sites are littered with seemingly good little quizzes, surveys and games advocating people to reminisce about specific topics, like”What was the first job,” or even”What was your first car?” The issue with participating in such informal surveys is that in doing this that you could be inadvertently giving away the answers to”secret questions” that can be used to unlock access to some host of your online identities and accounts.

I’m prepared to bet that a fantastic proportion of regular readers would not react —

frankly or otherwise —

Brian Krebs on Security
Brian Krebs on Security

To these surveys (except perhaps to chide others for responding). But I believed it was worth mentioning because of specific social networks —

Particularly Facebook

It seems positively overrun with these data-harvesting schemes. What’s more, I’m constantly asking friends and family members to stop participating in such quizzes and to quit advocating their contacts to do the same.

Krebs is correct (as usual), but at the end of the post, he points to the exact problem —

The very fact that all these websites, particularly banks, nevertheless rely on questions such as these for verifying your identity. It’s not secure in any way.


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