Blackberry Playbook: I remember those days when owning a Blackberry would make you the star of the team. But recently, Blackberry Limited – the most prominent Smartphone vendors was not in the ‘talk of town’ for a while. The Canadian company decided to make a massive come back and there comes customer impressing announcement from Blackberry now.

BlackBerry is famous for releasing the list of smartphones, tablets. The BlackBerry Limited is the Canadian company. TCL Communication manufactured and marketed it. The Indian markets, Optimus for the global are continuously using the Blackberry brand.

Blackberry PlayBook
Blackberry PlayBook

Yes! Blackberry is moving its license from Smartphones to Smart Enterprises. This license allows the company to work on extensive devices in the smart world. The devices would include medical devices, wearables, and others. The announcement came out right after the revenue success of the company was unveiled.  This extended license is one the short-term goals of the company. TCL Corporation, a Chinese electronics firm has established its tie with Blackberry. TCL would produce Blackberry’s handsets.

Blackberry in Tablets:

It is not to forget that, in 2013, former CEO of Blackberry, Thorsten Heins told Bloomberg that tablets would go extinct in next five years. To his dismay, today almost after five years, Blackberry is struggling to establish itself in the much prevailing world of Tablets. This isn’t the first try of Blackberry in Tablets. Back in 2011, in the unsuccessful process of wooing the customers, Blackberry released the Blackberry Playbook. The tablet was discontinued later due to various reasons. After this license extension, the next generation Playbook is expected to hit markets this year or before the end of 2018.

After the announcement, when analyzing the establishment of Blackberry in medical appliances, it is expected to add its patent privacy and security features to the devices. If this happens, the device will be highly secured and totally unable to hack. The device can store health data and connectivity can also be made without any compromise on the side of security.


Blackberry critics had to emphasie silence after the company released its revenue which was incredible. Blackberry managed to beat the analyst’s expectation in its revenue. The revenue was reported as $297 million which is bigger than the estimated revenue $289.3 million. Reuters says that at this rate, the company can expect an increased revenue for the second year in a row.

Blackberry Playbook Back
Blackberry Playbook Back

The CEO of Blackberry, John Chen said in a press release, “We are now expanding to the next phase of our licensing program. This will focus on a broader set of endpoints. We have taken a long-term and thoughtful approach to our licensing strategy, which includes an expansive view of the entire Enterprise of Things ecosystem”. He added, “What this might mean, and I make no promises, is that you may soon see a BlackBerry tablet and it will also extend to co-branded handsets with IoT and Enterprise of things to EoT devices. These endpoints will run our software and security features and be co-branded Secure by BlackBerry.”

Blackberry fans, get back on your feet. There are high hopes on the extended branding of Blackberry, and the response would be seen in a year or two.


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