Birth Control Ring, Benefits and Side effects of NuvaRing: Are you trying to avoid getting pregnant? If yes, then you ought to know about few birth control measures. One such effective method is birth control ring.

Taking control of your reproductive decisions is the very best present you can give yourself. If you don’t wish to get pregnant — whatever may be why, you’ll need successful birth control methods. Traditional procedures of birth control, such as the rhythm method or the pull out method, are not reliable. While using the pill is not everybody’s first choice. So, what do you use?

The newest birth control system making sound these days is that the Birth Control Ring or the NuvaRing.

Birth Control Ring, Benefits and Side effects of NuvaRing

The birth control ring (the NuvaRing) is a gentle, flexible, transparent ring that’s approximately 2 inches in diameter and is less than a quarter of an inch thick.

Birth Control Ring, Nuvaring
Birth Control Ring, Nuvaring

In a way, it functions just like a birth control pill.

After three months, the ring can be removed for a week. This is the time you’ll get your period. Once the 28-day cycle is complete,

you can put a new ring.

While this may sound like pseudoscience, the achievement rate of this NuvaRing is reasonably impressive. Based on reports, the birth control ring is 99 percent effective when used correctly. The key words here are frequently and accurately! Use the ring right, and you can leave your pregnancy scares behind.


There’s a reason why the NuvaRing is becoming a rage among girls around the globe. The benefits of using a birth controlling ring:

  • As stated previously, the NuvaRing will operate for 99 out of 100 women using it.
    One ring & you can be rest assured to get a month. For women who tend to overlook popping the pill every single day, the NuvaRing is a Godsend!
    Employing the ring doesn’t interfere with one’s sexual life.
  • One issue with the tablet is the fact that in cases of vomiting or diarrhea, the pill loses its potency. That’s not the case with the NuvaRing. About of nausea or diarrhea won’t interfere with all the ring’s effectiveness.
  • If you suffer from PMS every month, you may do well to try the birth control ring. It is known to alleviate premenstrual symptoms like cramping and breast tenderness. Women who experience heavy bleeding also may benefit from the ring. With the ring in place, you are very likely to experience mild bleeding.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? However, are there any adverse effects of the ring that you should be aware of? Yes, you can find!

Side Effects Of Birth Control Ring
Side Effects Of Birth Control Ring

Side Effects Of Birth Control Ring:

The NuvaRing is a right way of preventing accidental pregnancies. However, it doesn’t come with no set of unwanted effects. Here are the Significant birth control band side effects:

1. No Safety From STDs: Unlike condoms, the birth control ring doesn’t offer protection from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). So, to be 100 percent secure, you will want to use a condom as well the NuvaRing.

2. The same as the tablet computer, the birth control ring also may result in weight gain in individual women.

3. As with other hormonal imbalances, the NuvaRing may lead to breast tenderness and swelling.

4. Some girls might experience nausea or in rare situations, nausea while to the ring.

5. The progesterone and estrogen at the birth control ring may wreck havoc with a few women’s mental wellbeings. Mood swings, depression, and anxiety are several side effects girls can encounter while using the NuvaRing.

6. Some girls are also prone to experience moderate to severe headaches.

7. Another frightening, however, benign side impact girls can encounter while using the ring is mid-cycle spotting. This type of bleeding is called breakthrough bleed in Birth time.

8. A tiny fraction of girls is also prone to undergo vaginal irritation while using the ring.

9. The hormones, particularly estrogen, at the ring may cause Chloasma in sure girls. Chloasma contributes to darkened areas on the surface.

10. Some women also have reported the reduction of interest in physical closeness while on the ring.

The unwanted effects mentioned previously are mild and cause temporary annoyance. However, there are additional side effects which could warrant a visit to the physician.

Call your Physician immediately if You notice these symptoms:

  • Sharp pain in the chest.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Coughing up blood.
  • Intense stomach pain, tenderness, or swelling.
  • Swelling in 1 leg or acute calf or stomach pain.
  • Serious headaches of any type.

Neurological symptoms such as blur or double vision, temporary loss of vision, flashing lights, or slurred speech.

For girls, the birth control ring may end up being a boon.

Without regular hassles, the NuvaRing birth control is a terrific way to deal with your family size.

But remember to speak with your physician before you begin using the ring.

And while to the ring, be more conscious of the unwanted effects.

However, the scarier side effects are infrequent, and thus don’t overthink your choice!

What type of birth control do you prefer using? Have you ever used NuvaRing?

Can you observe any side effects?

You can Share Suggestions with us in the comments section below.


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