Google is Tracking your Location Secretly: After Facebook Scandal on Cambridge Analytica We got a New Question Now Google is Also Sensing the Data or Using Our Location for Thier Products Even Privately As Well

Unlike claims Google was making to consumers, The Associated Press reported that some Google programs”automatically store time-stamped location data without requesting.”

According to the AP, when a user opens the Maps program, that user’s location is stored. Asking for weather updates signifies that a telephone will notice where the user was once the petition was made.

No one can get away from Google
No one can get away from Google

Jonathan Mayer, a Princeton computer scientist, had his laboratory test and checked the AP’s findings. The AP noted that whether the programs were installed on iPhones of all Android telephones, the results were the same. Mayer said that’s a problem.

“If you are going to allow customers to turn off something known as’Location History,’ then all of the areas in which you maintain location history ought to be turned off,” Mayer said. “That sounds like a fairly straightforward position to have.”

Google is Tracking your Location Secretly

The business said users are advised of what their telephones are up to.

“Location History is a Google product that is entirely opt-in, and consumers have full controls to an editor or to delete or turn it off at any moment,” the firm said in a statement, Bloomberg News documented.

. “… we make certain Location History users know that when they disable the product, we continue to use location to improve the Google experience when they do things such as perform a Google search or use Google for driving instructions.”

Google needs to understand where users are, one commentator said.

“They build advertising information out of data,” explained Peter Lenz, the senior geospatial analyst at Dstillery, an advertising technology company. “More data for them means more profit.”

Google also reacted to the report by making a change in what it told customers, according to a follow-up AP report.

Google formerly told users that”with Location off History, the places you go are no longer saved.”

Google now says,”This setting doesn’t affect other location services in your device.” It adds that”some location data could be stored as part of your action on other providers, like Maps and Search .”


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