Best Free Games without Wi-Fi for Android and iOS: All the Android lovers got habituated to play the games on their devices. Are you looking for a good game which will make you feel happy then here is the information regarding that. Some of the details relating to the app designers hidden fun-spoiling charges.

It’s a bummer when we see that we have to move to next stage to access the data or to proceed to the next level.

Best Free Games without Wi-Fi for Android and iOS

These are the details which will help us to save our money which we will spend for the Wi-Fi connection. People need it to play many of their favourite games. Hence, the game designers focused on inventing the games which can work even in the offline mode. So that, they can save some of the user’s money.

Why are developers creating online games?

They invent only the online games as they concentrate mainly on the revenue. If they go for making the offline games, then we will get less revenue as the people will copy it and use it. They will make the free distribution and creates the huge loss to the designers. So, they are trying to make them permit only to the specific devices.

The other reason is that they are making them make people more interactive. It is the chance for the player to compete with the other player across the world. Developers announced the in-app purchases to earn more revenue from the games. It gave the taught to them to make users buy some items related to the games with real money. They will receive the payments from the users through the Google Pay.

However, the free games developers are trying to make cash using their creative levels. Therefore, they will permit the companies to advertise more about their inventions using the game applications. Some games will work when we stay connected to the Wi-Fi.

To release the users from the Internet usage, they are planning to avail the paid upgrades to them. Meanwhile, it is a beautiful and convenient process for the users to play and use the offline games. People who are looking to depend on the entertainment and to pass the time can attract towards the games without the need of internet connection.

  1. Badland

It is the 2D runner game, and it contains the beautiful forest with different types of residents. In that forest, there will be something wrong with you and the forest, and with forest dwellers. We have to find what went wrong. On the way, we will come across several imaginative traps and obstacles. We have to overcome them all. However, this game relies on the physics and features the quality graphics. The audio will optimise your entire game.

This game will permit up to four players along with you to play on the same device. It will allow us to implement the qualities to beat the competition and how to knock our rivals. Sometimes, there is a need to work together to cross a few levels. It will give us fun, and endless game and there are no rules and limits in it. Meanwhile, it has nearly 10 million downloads, and its rating is 4.5 on the google play. It will show us how well the players are enjoying it. We can avail it from the Google Play Store, and the entire download size is about 184MB.

Here is the link to download the Badland which is free.

2. Minecraft Pocket edition

Mojang developed this game. Minecraft game is an adventure game. It will bring our entire creativity into reality. Developers set the entire game in the infinitive virtual world, and the game will allow us to build our virtual world whether it may be the bride, clouds. For constructing them, we have to use the materials which they made them available to the users like dirt, stone, brick and sand.

However, the game consists of several models like survival mode. In this way, we will find the every block in a hand-cut manner, and we have to collect them in the open world. When the sun comes down, the bad guys will come down, and we have to get prepared to face them. The game will utilise the 76.23MB of storage space, and we can find it in the Google Play Store.

Here is the download link for the Minecraft Pocket Edition which is free

3. Shadow Fight 2

It is the game for the action lovers. It will make us remember the kung-fu movies which features all acrobatic kicks and moves, and it will give us the chance to experiment them on the real enemies. The only thing that is more in this game is the lethal weapons usage.

It is the 2D game which relies on the ‘Shadow’ game. He will lose his body due to demons unleashed powers. Shadow will get affected when he is trying to save his home from the invaders. Now, he changes himself as the skilled shadow warrior and gets ready for the battle with the demons. It has different bodyguards in his quest who will help him to get back what he has lost.

It will have various stages, and it will remember us there is the need for us to fight with our enemies. Shadow Fight game also includes some in-app purchases, and it is not possible to play it without them.

Download link for Shadow Fight 2 Free version.

4. Infinity loop

It will integrate the utter simplicity and relaxation together. In this, we have to combine various curved shapes and has to develop the whole shape without any breaks. During the dark mode, we have to break the shape completely and has to make them into the individual components. We have to play the infinite levels without losing your interest.

As we move on, the levels will become complicated, but we have to solve them as early as possible as we did in the previous stages. Developers say that their intention is not to make you to feel harder but to make us feel relax. We have to make the loops that the Thai like audio the ushers complemented them for the next level. We can avail this in the google play store, and its size is about 4.05MB.

Download link for Infinity Loop which is a free version.

5. Asphalt 8 airborne

Asphalt 8 is the latest version for the asphalt game. It is the integration of the quality graphics with the speed and the excellent cars. This new asphalt eight will club the new cars which do the stunts with the arcades which are the aircraft carrier. Developers tried everything that they want to do.

This gameplay is very smooth, and we can earn money when we won on our opponents. We can use that cash prizes for making the upgrades and purchase the new cars. People have to play the entire game is the offline mode. It features the several in-app purchases, and we can get it free from the google play store.

Download link for the Asphalt 8 Airborne which is free of cost.

6. Despicable me

In this, the minions will bring us loads of fun and bananas. It is the 3D runner game, and it is the race of the minions to catch the bananas. So that, they will jump, roll and dodge for finding them. They even scramble on others while having the stunts.

In this game, we can move through various attracting locations as actual movies inspired it. The minions will get the awesome costumes if we upgrade the version. In it, we can rival against several battle villains like the Vector and finally gives the good 3D graphics experience. We can get this at free of cost from the google play store, and it has the in-app purchases also like Banana.

Download link for Despicable Me.

7. Six guns: Gang showdown

Gameloft created this game, and they will give us the true wild west feel, and we can get the better experience. In this game, the entire land is filled with the cowboys, scary vampires and bandits.

It will have the 40 mission, and we have to do the race on the horses to take out the robbers. We aim to kill the enemies on their way. In the action-filled adventure, we have to unlock the various weapons clothes and weapons. We can get this download at free of cost and from the google play store. Only the bandits and vampires have to pay for this game.

Here is the download link for the Six Guns: Gang Showdown for free of cost.

8. Plants vs Zombies 2

Everyone will like this game, and we can play it on the PC, and it came with the mobile platform in 2013. However, the plants vs zombies are the arcade game. Here in this, the plants which have life has to rebel against the attacks by the zombies. We can repel them before they enter our home to eat our brains.

Meanwhile, the plants consist of several capabilities like launching the watermelon or corn missiles to attack the zombies. Similarly, it will have several exciting new levels, and they will entertain us throughout the game. We can get this from the google play store for free.

Download link for the Plants Vs Zombies 2 which is free.

9. Hill Climb Racing 2

It is the upgrade to the hilarious hill climb, and it features many cars and costumes. We have to drive over all these things. In it, we can also do the backflips in the air hoping we will break any bones and will not fall. We can download it freely from the google play store, and it even had the inbuilt purchases.

Download link for the Hill Climb Racing 2 which is free.

10. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

It is the mental challenge game and 2D physics game. This game wants us to do the multiple tasks by constructing the structures using the finger. It will surely bring out entire creativeness, mental skill and tests our IQ levels. As we move forward, this game may become harder to us.

Download the Brain It On which is free.

The WWW game industry is growing day by day, and the internet game is essential for every game.

11. 4 Pics 1 World

It is the offline game, and it is essential for us to guess the words which are hidden. We can use the hints like images to find the word. With this game, we can develop our imagination levels and can sharp our brain.

They will provide us nearly four images at each level, and we should consider them carefully. Below they will provide the empty cells, and we have to fill in it correctly. If our filled word is not correct, then it will become red.

After guessing correctly, we can move to the next level, and for that, we can receive three coins on our game account. During some difficult situations, we can use the hints that are provided by our earned coins. We can also ask our friends to help us in solving the puzzle by sharing the puzzle on the facebook.

However, it is the puzzle game which is the user’s addictive one and makes our mind to work at full power.

Download link for the 4 Pics 1 World game, and we can find it in the App Store and Google Play at free of cost.

12. Word Search

It is also the addictive game, and we can use it for the Android. Seriously, it will strain your mind. Developers will give us the words by arranging them randomly, and we have to set them correctly. Only work is to find the exact word from their randomly arranged ones either by selecting them horizontally, vertically and diagonally. We have to draw the line for the words and later it will appear in some other colour.

People can get the Word Search from the Google Play Store for free.

13. Word Cookies

If we play this cookies game, then it will develop our vocabulary. The only thing we have to do is to download the Word Cookies application.

In this game, the background is the frying pan. The pan which roasts the cookies will not leave you to stay indifferent. It will ask us to integrate the letters in different directions to make the meaningful word or sentence. We will not feel bored with this game even though it has many stages.

Individuals will also get the additional coins for each level. We can purchase them in the house game store. Using coins, we can find the entire word, and they will aid us in doing so.

People can avail Word Cookies through the App Store and Google Play.

14. Quizoid: Trivia Quiz 2017

Using this game, we can test our level of knowledge. It contains nearly seven thousand questions and three-game models. For that, it will provide us three lifelines while we start the new game. The three are one is 50/50, change question and 2-shots.

We can play this game in offline mode. So, we can enjoy playing it while doing the long journey.

Individuals can get the Quizoid: Trivia Quiz 2017 from the Google Play Store for free.

15. Jetpack Joyride

In it, there is one special character named Barry. Barry enters the super secret science lab and keeps the jetpack, and it will start his adventures. It is very exciting game. We can notice something is constantly happening on the screen. He will constantly shoot at someone, and the landscapes will change the background always.

It has the nice graphics and special effects. Everything will fall, break and explodes. This game will appear good on the tablet.

Download Jetpack Joyride on the App Store and Google Play for free.

16. Smash Hit

It is the endless arcade journey. In Smash Hit, there is no special character, and it is a matter of techniques and having patience. Our work is only to throw the ball accurately.

Players task is to destroy the entire glass obstacles which we find on the way using the balls. The main difficulty in the game is that we will have only limited balls. If there are no balls, then the game will end. We have to focus on destroying the obstacles and also how to replenish our balls stock

Download the Small Hit from the App Store and Google Play for free.

17. Doodle Jump

It is the simple arcade game and funny. There is the funny alien creature, and it has to win the success in the world. It has to jump over the coloured poles, has to move and to stay static. We have to make it jump over the adventures and for that, we will gain points. If it fells down, then the game ends.

Download the Doodle Jump from the App Store and Google Play for free.

18. Fruit Ninja

It has gained the popularity of all types of phones, tablets and on computers. We can play this game in offline, and it is appealing to both children and adults. The idea of developers behind this game is very simple. We have to cut the fruits and berries using the sword. Similarly, we have to aware not to cut the bombs as they will come inadvertently.

The main advantage of this game is that it supports the multi-touch functionality. It will fetch several points into our account. We can easily cut the fruits that are flying on the screen at once, and it is very convenient.

Download the Fruit Ninja on the App Store and Google Play for free.

19. Duet

It is the fast reaction game, and we have to control the balls. However, it is not simple as it contains two attached balls and they will rotate with the music. We have to move the ball by avoiding the obstacles. Hence, we have to check not to face the balls with the barrier.

However, it has different obstacles and bonuses which will aid us to escape from the obstacles.

Download the Duet on the App Store and Google Play for free.

20. Crossy Roads

It is the endless runner game where there is no need for the player to run. He has to jump and has to try to escape from the busy streets. We have to control the busy hallways, railroad tracks and the rough rivers.

However, the task is not simple. We will get help from the taps and swipes. It will give the great experience if we play it on the smartphones with our big finger. Meanwhile, it is the easy game for all kids, youth and old.

Download the Crossy Roads from the App Store and Google Play which is free.


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