Apple quietly increases the iPad Pro cost: After every Keynote, the Apple was in the habit of dropping the cost of the previous generation of the iPhone; the iPad Pro follows this year. They are sold for the 70 euros more expensive today; it was three months.

Apple quietly increases the iPad Pro cost: 

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The explanation may be to do with the price of the flash memory and bright blaze for a year.

The announcement of the price of the iPhone X that will be exceeded to the first time the symbolic threshold of $1,000 in the U.S. Its unveils at the beginning of November month; maybe it will fall you in the syncope discovering the new price for the general public of the iPad Pro. The Apple user’s who would have been able to capitalise on the decline in the price of the popular tablets. Now, it is more expensive than before the summer.

Cost increases vary from the model:

The increase ranges from one to another model; it depends on the 10.5 or 12.9 inches. But it also changes based on the memory storage. The prices do not vary on the range entry in the two-dimensional to the 65 GB. The price variations are 739 euros for the 10.5 inches and 909 euros for the 12.9 inches. In the two formats, now the versions with the 256 GB and 512 GB will cost 70 euros more than the previous price. It is for 909 euros for 10-inch, 256 GB and 1.059 € 512 GB, 1.079 euros for the 256GB of 12.9 inches and the 1.279 euros for the 512 GB.

Kim Cook statement:

The Apple Company provides no official information in this inflation is unexpected. The group is staying silent during the recent note by the Kim Cook at the Apple Park. Out of these questions is to spoil the mood with the dark stories. The press evokes the plausible reason for the explaining these prices rise. The soaring prices are for the storage memory and RAM.  In one year the cost of the Ram has shot up over the 25%, up to the 50-60 percent on the SSD.

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The time accused of the causing the increase in price, a significant amount of memory for the preparation of the unveiling of the iPhone X. Apple finds itself confronted the phenomenon. The group of Cupertino has therefore decided to pass the rises in the final price of the iPad Pro. Apple could also remember the margins are more than comfortable (40 percent on the iPhone) may enable to absorb the cost of the components without penalising the consumer.

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The Apple iPad with the screen Retina Space Grey in 32GB Wi-fi, 4G (MP1J2Nf/A)ty.


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