Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch with LTE Connectivity: Apple CEO Tim Cook launched the Apple Watch during the Apple’s tenth-anniversary event. The company released the Apple Watch Series 3 on the wearables front. This watch will rely mainly on the iPhone 8, and it contains the LTE connectivity. So, this tells us the Apple Watch can do many things without the need of iPhone.

Apple Launched Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch with LTE Connectivity

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Tim Cook stated that they designed the Apple Watch to aid customers to stay active and to motivate them and to make their day better. When we compare the new watch with their previously released Apple Watch Series 2, we can notice the 50 percent growth of the company. He also said that Apple Watch is ready to rival with Rolex, Fossil and Omega which are the No.1 manufacturers of watches in the world. They even have the 97 percent of customer satisfaction rate.

WatchOS to Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch with LTE Connectivity

Jeff Williams came to the stage to speak about WatchOS. He said that they embedded the latest operating system which they released in June 2017 in this watch. This WatchOS features their redesigned workout app, and there will be the new feature especially for the swimmers. It has the personalised Activity notifications and celebratory animations. They even placed the improved Workout Algorithms which are essential for performing the tasks like swimming, high-intensity interval training. In a single session, it can support multiple tasks. He officially stated that they would roll out the WatchOS to the Apple Watch Series 3 on September 19th, 2017.

The Highlights of Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch with LTE Connectivity

Cellular Connectivity:

Cellular connectivity is the highlight features in this watch. This features will permit us to go for a run by leaving our iPhone, and we can stream the Apple Music directly from our watch. It will reduce the dependability levels on the iPhone. The company even accommodated the antenna to the display and possessed an electronic SIM.

Phone Calls and latest OS:

Using this watch, we can make the phone calls, and it will give us the clear audio sound. The OS present in this watch is the combination of Siri which is the Apple’s voice assistant.

Design of Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch with LTE Connectivity

The design of this watch resembles the Series 2. A dual-core processor which is 70 percent faster is present in this watch. It will now let the Siri speak with their customers and contains the W2 wireless chip. Apple Watch features the excellent battery which has the all-day battery life. However, Apple did not specify exactly about how much time it will stay in the active mode with a single charge by having the LTE connectivity.

There are several new developments in this watch. They placed the new application, and it will detect the health problems like heart arrhythmia and has the cellular connectivity.

Cases and Brands:

Manufacturers unveiled it in the market with different types of cases and bands. They are new space grey band, new Nike Plus, Hermes models,  a new sport loop band, a new grey ceramic Watch.


The main highlight of this watch is the presence of the LTE and Apple is only one to launch the GPS variant of the smartwatch. The starting cost of the Apple Watch Series 3 is about Rs 29,900, and we can get it in various colours. They are Gold, Silver, Space Grey aluminium cases along with the Sport Band. The company will start the sales from September 29th, 2017.


Pre-orders of the Apple Watch Series 3:

Manufacturers will start the pre-orders of the watch from September 15th. They will start delivering it from September 22nd, 2017. Customers from different countries like the US, the UK, Australia and Germany can get this watch from September 22nd, 2017.

The Price of Apple Watch Series 3:

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 3 in different cases and brands like new space grey band, a new sport loop band, Hermes models and new Nike plus, a new grey ceramic Watch. The cost of the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity is $399 which is around Rs 25,500. Manufacturers priced the non-LTE model at $329 which is around Rs 21,000.


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