Good news for Android 7.1 users. Your phone has a panic button which you are yet to discover

Android 7.1
Android 7.1

Malware in mobile phones:

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In today’s electronic world, the devices experiencing malware attacks isn’t something that is rare and impossible. Every other day, there is news about devices that are being cyber attacked. The recent cyber attacks are capable of striking the production of factories and workhouses in mass. So, all these malware vulnerable devices have started rolling out safety measures.

It is inevitable that your device has some special features so that you are safe in the world of viruses. Microsoft rolled out a special security patch. Many other firms took steps to save their products and so does Android.

Android 7.1 Nougat:

After every other company doing their best to keep the devices safe now is the time for Android, the most-used software to do its duty. Not everyone who owns a computer uses it daily. But an Android phone is something everyone uses almost daily. There is almost no day that this stuff goes unused. Knowing the importance of the malware controlling steps, Android has now added the panic button to its Android 7.1 Nougat software.

Panic Button:

The panic button feature allows the user to come out of a malicious app. In case you are in an app which doesn’t allow you to go back to your home screen, this panic button feature will take you back to the home screen. For this, the user has to press that panic button multiple times in a row.

This Panic button feature to work needs four continuous presses of the back button. This feature will help you when you realize that you are stuck in a malicious app, and you try to escape it. XDA Developers has found that the feature is available on a few Android devices and not in all of them.

The panic button feature can help the user in situations of app freeze. This is more helpful during an adware, malware situation. This feature is not yet announced publically. But is already available in devices.

However, even before the Panic button feature came into existence, we have been crazily dashing the back button while we feel like we are caught in an app and is not able to come out. Now, that same action possesses some meaning.


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