Microsoft to support Xiaomi Phones with Artificial intelligence – Xiaomi and Microsoft are working on artificial intelligence technologies, cloud computing, and hardware, both companies announced Friday, having formalised their cooperation using a Strategic Framework Memorandum of Understanding. Microsoft’s solutions are hence set to be implemented into Xiaomi’s future offerings in the smartphone and services sections, with the most important goal of the enterprise being to accelerate the Chinese company’s international expansion. Xiaomi is also expected to adopt Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to a more significant scope going forward, though the exact reach of its efforts to do this remains unclear. The two companies have been tinkering on numerous fronts lately, with Xiaomi manufacturing Windows-powered laptops for ages. Microsoft-developed Android apps are also pre-installed on select Xiaomi versions as of mid-2016.

Microsoft to support Xiaomi Phones with Artificial intelligence

Microsoft to support Xiaomi Phones with Artificial intelligence
Microsoft to support Xiaomi Phones with Artificial intelligence

The new venture will see Xiaomi use Microsoft’s advertising and distribution channels to market its Windows laptops on an international level and might even cause the production of entirely new models. The firm’s Mi AI Speaker may also receive aid for Microsoft’s helper Cortana going forward, whereas the duo can also be partnering on general AI programs in the fields of natural language processing, computer vision, conversational AI, along with other segments. Skype, Bing, Edge, SwiftKey, Pix, and Translator were mentioned as part of their chances the duo is set to research, as were XiaoIce and Cognitive Services. The collaboration in the consumer electronics section can also extend to Xiaomi’s smart TVs, the companies proposed.

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The Chinese startup has been leveraging Azure to a smaller extent since 2015 and contained a reputation IP sharing arrangement with Microsoft. Strengthening its ties with all the Redmond-based technology giant must permit the firm to generate a more powerful global push in the future, thus helping its documented strategies to move public later this season. By partnering with one of the planet’s most valuable companies, Xiaomi may convince more investors to back its first public offering that’s predicted to be the industry’s biggest float in 2018, using the Beijing-based company allegedly targeting a valuation of up to $100 billion.


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