Android Apps on Windows Phone: On January 11th, Android Apps on Windows Phone The Article is About one developer named Heathcliff unveiled the Windows Phone Internals 2.3. Using this tool, customers can unlock the Lumia Windows bootloader on both their Windows and Nokia mobiles. The bootloader Windows phones which are unlocked will show a new door to us through which we can do the customisation, installation of ROMs. It will set all the Windows 10 Mobile unsupported versions.

Soon we can see Android Apps on Windows Phone

Now, Windows is trying to start the Project Astoria again. It will permit the users to install the Android apps on all their Microsoft mobile devices. Don’t hope high as still the project is in starting stage of development. Developers say users can see more new Android apps on their Lumia phones that they never saw before.

Heathcliff is the developer regarding the Windows Phone Internals. He explained that they are trying to install the Android apps on their Lumia phones. So they are trying to start work on their old project Astoria. However, the Heathcliff developer did not have the interest to install the Android ROM on the Lumia mobiles. He said that is easier for the users to buy the Android phone from their Microsft store.

Project Astoria: Android Apps on Windows Phone

Developers taught that they should start the Astoria project again, but they did not give any release date or information regarding it. So, we cannot say precisely when it begins again.

At first, Microsoft started the Astoria project in 2015. This project has permitted the developers to make use of the Android code while making the Windows apps in their Microsoft Lumia mobiles. At that time, it allowed them to install the Android apps on Windows phone.

Android Apps on Windows Phone
Android Apps on Windows Phone

The company stated that they have feedback saying it is unnecessary to club the two Bridge technologies to set the code to Windows from mobile operating systems. Hence their choice fell in confusion state.

Android Apps on Windows Phone

So they considered that feedback and decided that they should make the Windows Bridge for iOS as the single Bridge option. Finally, they made the mobile code with the single option and bought it to all their Windows 10 devices. It included the Xbox and PCs.

Some developers remained in working on the Android bridge. They are planning to bring the iOS bridge and Xamarin as the solutions. This is About Android apps on Windows Phones If You Like the Post Please Share it via Friends and Spread the Word. This is All ” About Android Apps on Windows Phone


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