Saturn’s moon Titan – Astronomers created the Saturn’s moon Titan global map using the information given by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. In their inventions, they found that the geographical features resemble the conditions same as they are on the Earth.

Saturn’s moon Titan contains the same features as they are on Earth

The map integrates the Titan topography details from various sources. It has shown the new Titan features like the presence of the new mountains. None of the mountains is higher than the 700 meters.

It also explains the complete global view and the details regarding the highs and downs of the whole Titan’s topography. These features made the scientists have the confirmation regarding the different Titan regions. They said that the regions are facing the fact depressions and they are either ancient, cryovolcanic or dried seas flows.

Their observations revealed that Titan is more oblate, flatter when we compare it with the previous known things. The conditions say that there will be the more change in the Titan’s crust thickness when they relate it to the previously known things.

Paul Corliss who is from Cornell University, US stated their primary intention is to design the map in a way that it is useful to the scientific community.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft provided information

They are planning to download the dataset, and it should be in the same way as researchers have observed. Even they are looking to take the interpolated data for their observed things.

This map should play a vital role for those who want to know more about Titan’s climate. It has to explain everything like interior models, shape. This map should provide the clarity for the one who is looking to know more regarding the Titan morphologic landforms.

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From another report, they came to know more significant results with the help of the topographical data which is present in the new map.

As per the researchers, they found that Titan’s three seas contain the equipotential surface. They are forming the sea level same as the Earth’s ocean.

Titan subsurface

Scientists observed that there is the flow via subsurface which is present in between the seas. The channels will permit enough liquid to flow through them, and the Titan oceans will have the same elevation.

Alex Hayes is the Cornell, assistant professor. He said that as per the report the Titan’s lakes contain the sharp-edged depressions. These depressions resemble the cookie cutter, and there are holes in its surface.

For hundreds of meters, there are high ridges around the lakes.


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