1. What is CRM?

What is CRM and Open Source CRM, its Pros and Cons: The full form of the CRM is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is the technology through which we can manage the company related relationships, and we can interact with the potential customers. The primary aim of this CRM is to improve the relationships in the business. Finally, this CRM system will aid the companies to stay intact with the streamline processes, customers and to enhance the profits.

2. CRM System

When we start discussing the CRM, we will come across the CRM system. It is the tool which will aid and work as a connection between the sales management, contact management, productivity and even more.

CRM solutions will make us concentrate more on our organisation’s relationships with the people like customers, colleagues, suppliers and service users. It will help us to find the new customers, achieve the success of their business, and delivers its support and additional services also when required.

3. How CRM system helps our business nowadays

3.1 Makes the improvements to the bottom line

The CRM platform will produce the real results. It will make the direct modifications to the bottom line. CRM applications had a success and increasing track record.

3.2 Finds and divides the leads

CRM system will aid us to identify and to add the new leads easily, and it will also categorise them correctly. Sales will give the priorities first to the opportunities and will close the deals. It will find the leads and nurtures them and finally moulds them to become the quality leads.

With the help of the information regarding the clients and prospects, the marketing can concentrate more on the attention and right clients energy levels.

3.3 Raises the Referrals from the present customers

Opportunities become more clear by understanding the customers better, upselling and cross-selling them. They will give us the chance to get the new business from the present customers.

We can keep the customers happy with better visibility and service. Happy customers are the one who will become our repeat customers who will spend more up to 33%.

3.4 Delivers better customer support

At any time customers require more personalized support. CRM will aid us to provide the better service to the customers. Agents will check what type of products that you have ordered. They will maintain the better track record which will help them to answer the customers fastly.

3.5 Develops the Services and Products

A good CRM will collect the information from different sources in our business and beyond. It will provide the insights regarding how the customers will feel and say about the organization. Hence we can improve the offers, may try to rectify the problem early and to fulfil the gaps.

4. What Cloud-based CRM provides to our Business

One of the recent improvement in the CRM system is that we can move into the cloud from every on-premises CRM software.

4.1. Work from Anywhere

Salesforce is the Cloud-based CRM system. It contains information relating to every user at all the time. The sales team will check data and update the data immediately after every meeting. They will work from anywhere. The one who needs that information can get it from the sales team.

4.2. Decreases Costs

It is easy to implement the CRM. The cloud-based system will not need the installation and does not require any hardware. It will maintain the low IT costs and removes the pressure of update schedules and version control.

They will price the cloud-based CRM based the number of users who will access the same features that you require. It will make us to scale up and to add people to our business. There is no need to pay for any of the feature present in the Salesforce. Hence it is flexible if you think about the functionality.

5. What Cloud-based CRM platform provides us

  • Faster and quicker deployment
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Scalability and cost-effective
  • Can work from anywhere and on any device
  • Raise in collaboration

6. What is open source CRM

It is the source which we will use to describe the open CRM solution. The meaning of it is that the CRM system will use the open source program in which there will be the source code. Manufacturers made it available to the public, and we can use it and change it from the original state with free of charge. Hence we will call it as the open source CRM.

Open CRM contains the control over the CRM solutions. It can implement the open source CRM software to meet the goals of the business. We can avail the open source CRM solutions from the OpenCRX, Zurmo and SugarCRM community edition.

7. Advantages of Open Source CRM

  • Low Cost
  • Customizable
  • No Commitment

8. Disadvantages of Open Source

  • Limited Support
  • Fewer functions
  • perfection paralysis.


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