Yahoo Backup Tool: It will facilitate us with an option which we can use it to specify the internet bandwidth whether it is in kbps or Mbps. This tool will deliver its support to different languages, and we can select our desired language during the time of installation.

Here is the complete information regarding this tool.

Yahoo Backup Tool and its features, Pros and Cons of Yahoo Backup Tool

1. Testing Environment

For testing it, we have to run it on the Windows 7 configured laptop which has the storage of about 1.87 GB of usable RAM. We can test it on the laptop that possesses the 2.27 GHz i3 processor.

2. Yahoo Backup Tool Prime Features

2.1 Complete Email Backup:

During the backup, it will include all the email folders. The tool will back up the messages relating to both the custom and default. In this, the custom messages are those which are created by the user. Some of the default messages are inbox, sent items, outbox etc.

2.2 Yahoo Chat Backup:

We can call this application as ‘Y! Conversations’. In the email folders list, it is one among them. The real intention of it is that it will take the backup of the messenger conversations.

2.3 Multiple Backup Output:

Various email storage formats are considered as the backup outputs. To generate the Yahoo Backup, we can select any of the Mailbox format (MBOX), Outlook Data File format (PST), Single Message Format (MSG), Single Email Format (EML).

2.4 Control Over the Bandwidth:

Finally, the Internet bandwidth usage is assigned to the end-user. During the backup of the emails, we can select the bandwidth percentage based on our consumption capability.

2.5 Delete from the Server:

One of the finest feature which permits the users to clear all the ‘backed up’ emails which are present in the server automatically. By following this way, we can regain the storage space in our Yahoo account. Using this, we can also keep the confidential emails far from the web.

  • Benefit: Considering the security aspect, we can use this great feature. Without any compromise, it will keep our emails far from the web. Hence we can keep our essential information safe from the hackers and the cybercriminals.

3. Yahoo Backup Tool Additional Features

3.1 Emails can stay Intact:

During the backup, it will keep the body contents intact along with the attachments of any type. It will not refer any other things also.

3.2 Retained Attributes:

During the time of backup, the internet header information is retained. It will include the information which can be visible by the user on the email’s header which means to, from, subject, IP details, date etc.

3.3 History will be Maintained:

For maintaining the backup history, a panel is present on the software. In it, we can continue any backup which is interrupted and left in the middle.

4. Yahoo BacKup Tool Supportive Features:

4.1 Multiple languages:

We can run it in any language as per our desire. Besides English, the software contains different languages. Hence it creates convenience for the international users.

4.2 Remember the Credentials:

At the time of account login on the software panel, we should remember the credentials same as in the Yahoo email web interface. We have to pick an option to save our credentials.

4.3 Selective Folder Backup:

Software dedicated two filters especially for performing the selective email backup. We can either pick the email folders which are essential for doing the backup or to facilitate the date range.

4.4 Pause the ongoing Backup:

In the middle, we can pause the ongoing backup and can resume it to complete afterwards. By following this way, we will have the freedom to perform other tasks in the middle. There is no need to compromise the backup progress too.

5. Yahoo Backup Tool Pros

  1. It contains the various backup outputs.
  2. Using this tool, we can have the control over the internet bandwidth usage.
  3. For doing the selective data backup, we can use the filters.
  4. In the middle, we can pause the backup and can resume it later.
  5. We can also backup the Yahoo Conversations.

6. Yahoo Backup Tool Cons

It won’t provide the preview of the messages.

7. Conclusion

Finally, the designers built the applications keeping in the mind how an end user tries to work with it. Every feature in it provides that they are helpful in making the whole backup process conveniently.


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