SQL Log Analyzer Software: SQL Server Transaction is the central part of every SQL Server database. Using it, we can regulate and maintain the transactions and records or any other modifications in the database which is created by the operations. In some conditions, the SQL database will be corrupted due to the system failure. Now, some questions will arise in the mind of the users regarding how to recover the SQL which is corrupted by some others using the transactional log.

SQL Log Analyzer Software to View the SQL Server Transaction Log File

One of the solutions to get rid of this problem is using the third party utility that is the SQL Log Analyzer software.

1. What is SQL Log Analyzer Software

It is the software which will permit the customers to recover their corrupted SQL database using the Transaction log file. Here is the complete information regarding this in this post and it relies on their performed software testing.

2. Introduction

SQL Log Analyzer software will aid us to analyse the transactional log file regarding the SQL Server, and it will recover our entire corrupted SQL database. After retrieving the data, it will preserve the data integrity. To analyse the SQL database, it needs the MDF file. Manufacturers designed it in a way to scan after the completion of the installation process, and it will view the LDF file. It will locate its associated MDF file automatically after seeing the LDF file.

3. SQL Log Analyzer versions

Designers made it available to the users in two different editions. They are the Demo mode, and the other one is the Licensed mode. According to that, the users can choose their required version.

3.1 Demo Edition

This edition is the free version, and we can use it by downloading it at free of cost from the official site of the organisation. As it is effortless to download it and to use it, there are some limitations which will permit the customers to preview only the first five tables. In each table, customers can preview just the early 50 records.

3.2 Licensed Edition

It is the paid version of the SQL Log Analyzer software. We can purchase it from the official site which is maintained by the organisation. It will allow users to store all the log details. According to the requirements, we can repair the SQL tables which are encountered by the corruption.

4. Features that are needed

SQL Log Analyzer is the utility which will analyse the entire SQL transactions. Using it, we can perform the quick data recovery of the SQL database. Here are the some of the features of the SQL Log Analyzer software.

4.1 Analyze and Preview the LDF File

The application will provide us with the preview for all the transactions which are made in the SQL database like the Update, Insert and Delete etc. It will supply us the entire details which are associated with it like the Name, Table Name, Time, Query and Transaction. Hence it is easy for us to detect the corruption reason to our SQL database.


4.2 Detects the MDF File automatically

The manufacturers designed it in the way that after the completion of the installation of this software on the machine, it will identify the MDF file which is in our store location. It will deliver its support to both of the modes like Windows authenticated and SQL Server Authenticated. They will help us to decrypt our protected or encrypted SQL database.


4.3 Export the Selective Table

Customers can export their required tables by checking and un-checking the tables. Under this situations, users have to export the specific tables by selecting the data migration, and it will save our time. Finally, this software will check the entire list relating to the data and tables, and hence the users can monitor and re-check.


4.4 Three ways to export the data

After recovering the corrupted SQL database, it will permit us to export the SQL files. The application will provide us with three options to export the SQL database, and they are:

  • CSV File
  • SQL Server Database
  • Server Compatible SQL Scripts

4.5 SQL Server is not essential

Finally, this tool will tell us about the log file, forensics analysis for examining the SQL Server activities. This standalone application will aid us to view the full SQL transaction log. It can view it as it is not necessary to do the SQL Server installation on the machine for doing the Log File analysis.

5. Pros of SQL Log Analyzer Software

  • SQL Log Analyzer software can analyse all type of transactions.
  • It also had the option to export and to filter.

6. Cons of SQL Log Analyzer Software

  • It is essential to have the MDF file to do the operation.
  • This software works only on the offline database.

7. The Final Verdict

After completing the testing and reviewing of the tools and its qualities, we can say that the SQL Log Analyzer software is the rich application. This software can analyse the SQL server log files. It is compatible with all the Windows Operating system. After making a recovery, this software will preserve the data integrity.

The only lag is that it will work only in the offline mode.


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