Methods to Erase iPhone data: If you are trying to upgrade your iPhone or to change towards the Android family, then the best thing is to sell your iPhone or to give it away to someone. Before handling our iPhone to an unknown stranger then we have to follow some factors.

Methods to Erase iPhone data without using the iCloud Password

We have to erase all the contents present in our phone. Individuals have to change the settings on our iPhone. So no other person will misuse our personal and essential information. Hence we can protect our identity. Hackers are stealing nearly thousands of characters, and they are abusing them.

The simple deletion will not remove our data from our iPhone. The iPhone will store the data in its cache memory, and there we can find everything in the physical state. Using the free recovery tools, we can recover the data which we deleted, and we can see these tools on the internet.

Hence we should follow the way which will erase the data permanently. Make sure to delete all our details from the iPhone like messages, data, notes, pictures, credit card and banking information. Here are the three ways to remove the data from the iPhone even though we do not contain the iCloud Password. This information may help us to discover the techniques and methods to delete the personal information from the iPhone.

1. Method 1: Erase iPhone Data from iTunes

There is a chance to restore your phone back to your required state if you have synced your iPhones with iTunes. An iCloud password is not essential to reset your device. Here is the way to restore the iPhone without the iCloud password by merely syncing it with the iTunes.

1.1 Step 1

At first, we have to connect our iPhone to our computer to sync it and to launch the iTunes.

1.2 Step 2

iTunes will identify your device and will do the quick sync process again.

1.3 Step 3

After finishing the syncing progress, then select the ‘Restore Device’. To restore it, we have to choose the backup profile which is old.


1.4 Step 4

Make your device to look new again and then restart your iPhone.

Now your iPhone will appear clean. Reset it again and again until you make sure that all the contents and the settings which are present in the phone got erased.

1.5 Cons

It is the time-consuming method, and this process will not work out if there is the password for the backup.

We can restore the files which are erased using any data recovery tool.

2. Method 2: Hard-Reset iPhone method will erase iPhone Data

Another way to wipe everything without using the iCloud password is to reset the iPhone hard. Apple iPhones contain the inbuilt feature. With a single tap, we can erase and remove the settings and contents. For that, follow the steps below to do the hard reset process on your iPhone.

2.1 Step 1

At first, unlock your iPhone and then go to Menu which is followed by the Settings.

2.2 Step 2

Tap on the ‘General’ by scrolling down.

2.3 Step 3

Click on the ‘Reset’ on the next window tap. Then it will erase all the contents and settings.


2.4 Step 4

We can see the small pop up window and then click on the ‘Erase iPhone’. Wait until the completion of the operation.

That’s it our iPhone will restart, and there will be no data inside it. Everything will be erased.

2.5 Cons

It is not the safe way to remove the secret stuff.

Using any data recovery software, we will restore the data quickly which we deleted.

3. Method 3: Erasing the iPhone Data permanently and having 0% recovery

All the above processes will wipe the iPhone data. However, they are not good to delete the data permanently from the device. Hence we should not follow them will we are selling it to the unknown persons.

We should take the professional iPhone data eraser assistance as it will eradicate everything from the device. It will make our iPhone have the 0% recovery possibility.

4. SafeWiper iOS Data Eraser

It is the data erasing tool which is magnificent and compelling. This tool will erase everything completely from our iPhone and leaves no marks to trace. It is the erasing software which is commercial and it will remove everything from our iPhone. Any paid or recovery tools which are professional cannot recover the data.

To wipe out the data in the iPhone, the data eraser in the iPhone will use the robust algorithms which are complex. At present, the US government and the official authorities are using it. There are the five different ways to remove the data from the phone and amazingly they will create the room in our mobile. We can install it on both the Mac and Windows computer, and this program won’t need any technical skills to operate it.

5. Steps to Erase iPhone data permanently

5.1 Step 1

At first, install & run this program on the desktop PC and using the USB data cable connect the iPhone to the PC. If the user is using the Mac computer, they can use the thunderbolt.



5.2 Step 2

Pick the ‘Erase All Data’ if you desire to remove the complete information from the iPhone. If we want to erase all the files which are deleted permanently we have to select the ‘Erase Deleted Files’. Click on the Scan button.


5.3 Step 3

The entire scanning process may consume some few minutes. After finishing, the program will display every data which is removed from the iPhone and shows from which respective category it got deleted.


5.4 Step 4

Click on the ‘Erase button’ after selecting the data that we want to remove from your device. Then it will wipe the entire data from the iPhone.


Finally, this is the information which will tell us how to erase the text messages, photos, history, contacts and everything from the iPhone without having the iCloud password.

6. Conclusion

These details are the proof to tell that we can delete the data permanently even though we do not have the iCloud password or iPhone passcode. SafeWiper iPhone Data Eraser will remove the files forever, and there is no way to get them back. So make sure before backup your iPhone using this tool.

As Hackers are increasing day by day, we should be careful before selling the iPhone or any other smartphones. We should give priority to delete everything to protect the privacy and identification.


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